The Fellowship of The Battleborn!


Hello to all Battleborn!!
In the past the Fellowship was a fun group with plenty of great people who came together to have a metric crap ton of fun in borderlands.
However with the release of Battleborn we now have a chance to make yet again a new group of awesome people to kick some a** with.

So here we go again!!!

Queue the terrible fellowship advert.

Do you love Battleborn? But hate being in a lame party with a bunch of noobs. Always getting killed, Just to re-spawn and get killed again because no one on your team knows how to work together?

Are you tired of sitting in sever connection menu to find someone to play Co-Op story mode with just to yet again get some hero who will run in guns blazing to get himself slash herself killed even though they knew it was advanced hardcore mode?

Well hold on to your metaphorical butt you booger eating little crybaby. And brace yourself for an opportunity of a lifetime!!!


That’s right nerd!!

The fellowship is a group of players just like yourself who want to play with like minded awesome people.
All you need to do to join is… well say you want to… That… uh… Yeah thats it.
Also you have to love playing the game for fun and not take it too serious.
All of the past reincarnations of the fellowship have been filled with fun loving people who joke around and have a great time together. So we always ask to be nice and have fun. and make sure to bring you sense of humor along for the ride.

You can add any of the members you want on the list of people. and your name will be added when you join unless you ask otherwise.


(as of now)

Steam name--------------------------nickname

| Vrcross |-------------------------------Kevin
| __ |----------------------------------------Blankman
| Spin |------------------------------------Spin
| arcanenox |--------------------------Randy
| Kahl |------------------------------------Kahl
| {Dark} technica |-------------------Cody
| Kalex112358 |----------------------Alex
| PENNY-ONE |---------------------- Jack
| HAWKWARD |----------------------Hawk
| TWIGZnGUNZ |--------------------Twigz
| Oddman84 |------------------------Oddman
| Professor Oscar Mike |--------Mikey
| Poptarts~and~Glitter |------- Brittney
| Bullseye |-----------------------------Wicked

Link to Discord chat server


So join The Fellowship today and start having some real fun!!
Bonus points if you bring tacos!

BUT WAIT!!! That’s not it if you join right now You will receive a free lamborghini veneno roadster (while supplies last) offer ends in Three… two… one… oh… better luck next time.

Add me on Steam too.

Steam name


| arcanenox |-----------------------Randy

Still looking for more people.
We have been playing every day

(PENNY-ONE)----------------- Jack


Here is my steam


Don’t forget To join in The Fellowships discord chat!

Hey, you guys still looking for more Battlebros? The random PUGs aren’t always super great, so I’m looking for some folks to roll with.

I’m mostly an old(ish) guy who likes to shoot dudes over the internet. So yeah.

Steam is hither:

Sounds awesome! still taking in nerds? :smiley: allways wanted to play with nerds :sunny:

Steam: Professor Oscar Mike |--------------Mikey

Hey there! I hope you are still looking for more people. I am new to Battleborn (I know it just came out, but I am new to MOBAs in general) but I like playing and like to play with others.

My steam is Poptarts~and~Glitter |---------------------- Brittney

P.S. If that doesn’t work, try Da4Siren12.

hi all,
feel free to add me too. regular player here ( 1-3 hours per day )

steam name apogamidi or faido9

Add me too please!
Steam name: Za Warudo
Nickname: Dio

There’s a lot of Za Warudo’s on there. Just a heads up.

Work full time during the week and some weekends, have a family with small children, and don’t play every single night. However, when I am available is most weeknights from 8-10 pm and varied times on the weekend. Steam name is chasedhickory6.

Hey i have been around since alpha and i have been looking for some guys who wana farm legendaries and game with so feel free to add me on steam. Dckilla28

Hi guys, I’m totally down for finding some friends/co-op partners that I can trust to play with. Especially if you can help with The Archive. Feel free to add me. amlochem ------ Amanda

Late to the invite list, but I’d love to be added, too.

Np there is no time limit. All are welcome!

I’d be down for some fun matches.