The Fellowship of The Battleborn!

I’m definitely down for more people to play with.

I live in Australia so my times may vary, but happy to join and kick some butt.

Bullseye ----------------------------> Wicked

Oh oh …raises hand pick me…pick me :wink:

Would love some more people to play with!

Hoyle4 - Hoyle

| HandsomeGarrus |-------------Dan
Been following the game for awhile but none of my friends have good enough PCs to actually play it with me :sob:
Would love to play with some other badasses!

Viracon or viracon91 Im not sure which is needed. Is my steam, GF and i really enjoy playing but the que times the last 3 days have been in the hour+ marks and its dishearting

I’d like to join, but is that condescending talk just here or present in the Fellowship too? really hate adults that call other adults “Kido”, treat everyone same you butthole.

SteamID: hyevltg3

Up for Co-Op missions, not so much for PVP. Chaosengine77 on Steam. :slight_smile:

That was more me quoting handsome Jack more than anything else. But YAY!!! thinking way to far into things!!!

Also I know I haven’t done it in a while but tryed to update the list let me know if I missed you and you want to be added.

I’m currently juggling Battleborn, Overwatch, Paragon and Dirty Bomb all at the same time (buncha grinding required)
So if you dont mind a filthy casual amongst your ranks, sign me up.

How does one join? is there a hazing? a ritual? do I need to drink goat’s blood…again? sacrifice? if so…I have the perfect candidate…just need a tub of mayonnaise and some smarties, that should be enough of a lure.

You have to sell your soul to the devil, i am sure you’ve had it done already so you’re fine. Then you must do the Macarena in the middle of traffic, easy peasy. Then you use the mayonannaise.

Or you can add some of us on Steam, join the Discord chat thing, and get started!

Also i am on Overwatch as well, add me on Blizzard (FantasyChic)

Also how is Paragon? It looks really awesome

Going to people on steam then.

Discord: Zubin #1891
Was about to add you for Overwatch…just realized I forgot to mention, OW on PS4…

Then, I will bask myself in the mayo and run through walmart.

Would love to join in on the fun.

Seems like I may be getting OW on PC, didnt know it was only 39.99! (Non-origins edition)

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Yeah, if you search for it hard enough, you can get a few things for cheap online.

If/when you do get it for PC, hit me up and I’ll add you on there. :slight_smile:

oh no, its 39.99 on’s Shop ! its called the “Standard Edition” instead of the Origins Edition that includes the skins plus the other Blizz game goodies (found a redeemable code for this so no biggie)

Just waiting for the payment to clear, paid via CC for the first time, so they queue your payment just to verify it…apparently that takes “Up to 72hrs”

i know someone who got it for less than that…was my point. Googling for it. But you do you, provided you’re happy with your purchase :slight_smile:

Oh, myb, thought the 39.99 wasnt known as its like a hidden option, the 59.99 is showcased everywhere.
contacted Blizz and apparently will/may be able to get in Tuesday Evening. so poop. I can be patient.

going to be super busy today so may not be able to test out the Fellowship’s teamwork till later today or tomorrow. (in BB)


My steam is HughJaynusIII |---------------------- Josh

Changed my steam name to make things less confusing for others.

Name was:


New names are: