The Final hours are upon us

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #41

Man it really should not have a threshold, it would make a good helix, but yeah I notice the bug, sometimes I get no speed boost (would you get it with speed buff and no cooldown threshold)

(Dr H0 H0) #42

Maybe? I would have to test it and see how it feels. The field is still decent early game so that’s still my go to for now.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #43

It would make a good late game helix, guy thinks he escapes, dragonsplash a wave, reach him, and have enough time for another splash

(Skeksis Syl) #44

This is all excellent news! I would very much prefer his stun back to full strength though over a larger radius(simply a preffered handicap) if they amped clothesline damage up I feel like the only other buff they might add would be to the stun to try to keep the idea that clothesline is for initiating


To make sure I understand, his primary melee attack (but not his clap) is now back to pre-nerf-level damage? That would be amazing. Any confirmation from the devs?

(Dr H0 H0) #46

Umm I told Menace last night but I’m not sure he was aware, but yeah only his normal attack not his clap.

(Dr H0 H0) #47

Well I just tested after getting back from a weekend trip and his damage is at 49 now instead of 57…

Why do all the stealth changes without letting us know?

Edit: Well I tested this morning and he was back to 47 per hit at level one so perhaps i had a stack or 2 when I was hitting 49. I just found it weird since I also did a capture match so I didn’t even have minions and was still hitting 49 at level one. I’m gonna go ahead and say it was my mistake since that’s 2 micro patches in less then a week which doesn’t make sense.

Since they took notice of my post and re-nerfed him i’m going to do a damage test on every melee character and see how much they do at level 10 base then add any helix/gear to see how high it can go per character. I’ll post pictures tonight hopefully so everyone can see the damage differences and why i consider Attikus and Phoebe to be the only melee hyper carries now that Dragon got nerfed.

(Cast Iron Chef) #48

Because reasons!

(Rick) #49

So they’ve busted him down again? :confused:

(Skeksis Syl) #50

Ugh you shoulda just pmed me and RAAM about it and it may have not happened!

I should be playing him a bit more in pvp to get a better feel for him. But that op is so juicy and I have not had a lot of time to pvp :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dr H0 H0) #51

yeah they did… I’m doing a damage test and posting pictures tonight then tagging Grant so he can see the numbers in game.

(Skeksis Syl) #52

wow… That ult of his is just… Really bad right now…