The First 14 Minutes of Borderlands 3


They did the same thing on like e3, but used Amara. I’m still excited and can’t wait to play the crap out of this

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On the positive side - gameplay looks great as usual and I am loving that you get your action skill even earlier now. I also love the sliding, I think it’s going to add a lot to combat. Really excited to see more soon.

On the negative side - the humor felt extremely forced and unfunny to me. This was arguably my biggest concern with this game due to the departure of Burch as the head writer. Hopefully it gets better.


What I like about this clip is that there’s no one talking over it.

And besides the action skill revelation, I realized that I’m still not getting used to claptrap’s new voice. Originally, I thought that it was unfortunate that they couldn’t reach an agreement but life goes on, and that I’d get used to the new claptrap voice. There have been voice actor changes before in the series and I got used to it, and it was fine. But even after a couple months of hearing new claptrap, I’m still hearing it as diet claptrap. It’s been the same voice for 10 years now, and it’s harder to shift gears than I thought.

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Does anyone know if they used the same actress from BL2 as the “live” face of Lil? She’s obviously a little older than in BL2 and that’s appropriate. Just interested.

I don’t know for sure but she looks a whole lot like her.
only a few characters changed actor/voice actor

I thought starting with the Commander Lilith DLC his voice changed. I’m sure in time we will get used to it.

We’ve been hearing it from BL3 reveals a lot longer than we’ve even known about the Commander Lilith DLC.

That just kind of dropped out of thin air.

I mean, we knew something was afoot, but zilch on the details, beyond datamined rainbows, and not shiny of the release date.

So yeah, it really was with BL3 that this Clone-Trap started grating on our ears.

Sean Young down-graded to Daryl Hannah via technicolor downgrade of yea ole binary.