The First DLC announced at PAX East!

(Noelle) #1

The first We Happy Few DLC, They Came From Below is launching on April 4, 2019!

In the first piece of handcrafted Season Pass content They Came From Below , NPCs James and Roger return in an all-new We Happy Few story.

Wellington Wells stands besieged by a robot uprising, but the mechanized menace isn’t the only thing threatening to tear the pair apart. Play as Roger and team up with your boyfriend James to Find Dr. Faraday, explore a vast underground laboratory, and discover the source of the robot invaders before it’s too late!

Note: A few Xbox players getting early access is an error that we’ve already patched up. It only affected the Xbox side of things for a short period. They Came From Below’s proper launch is just a few days away, so hang tight for April 4 when we’ll launch on all three platforms at the same time. Please tag your posts about DLC 1 as spoilers.


We Happy Few dlc
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I got excited there for a second. Now I’m sad.