The first guardian takedown boss is complete garbage

So I spend 1 hour of my life to get to this boss, go through all the phases dodging everything perfectly and then the boss decides to charge at me INSTANTLY and knocking me off the platform to death?


If someone told me this takedown would be so bad, I wouldn’t have bought the latest dlcs and played something else instead.

Shame on you gearbox for releasing something so bad which USED TO BE EVEN WORSE. Do yourself a favor and replace your current qa team. It’s embarrassing and it’s ruining your game.

Well, death by falling is common here. Even when you are relatively used to the Takedown it can still happen, which can be extremely frustrating.

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Once you learn the mechanics guardian takedown will be easy

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It has nothing to do with mechanics. It’s just rng. It’s almost as if you didn’t even read my post.

Get wrecked. Nah just joking that sucks.
As moze I have a hard time with the jumps after the first boss and before the crystals. I jump look at the edge of the platform and spam to mantle but half the time just slide past. I’ve found the best fix is to equip some movement speed items. 10% is all you need to make it but thats assuming you gan get past the first boss and their antics.

Me as a Zane Clone Main: HA noobs what’s wrong can’t handle falling to your death?

Also me Falling to my death and my clone is down: I HATE THIS GAME -_-

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The game lags way too much too consistently to have sections like that for content designed for matchmaking. I’ve had multiple instances of trying to mantle a moving platform only to have it move out from underneath me while stuck in the mantle animation. I agree the takedown is pretty easy now but the random deaths from falling due to lag are too frustrating to deal with.

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That happens even in single player unfortunately.
I’m glad there is a skip after the second set of crystals to go directly to the final boss. I’ve thrown my controller one too many times on those platforms.

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I read it, aside from the bubble anathema does not hit hard, so staying at a safe distance and keeping the fight in the middle of the arena is good. You can even face tank it with amara (sustainment) and zanes barrier. Fl4k got a lot of aggro relief and moze hits hard.

Staying near the edge is a death sentence.

@OneAngryKitty yeah platforming is tough even harder than the bosses itself.

My solution to the GT is to just not do it. The potential rewards just aren’t there for the aggravation.
I have all the DLCs and glad I did as they have been fun to play.
Just because there is one bad event for alot of people doesn’t ruin everything else.
Mayhem, well that is another subject entirely…


Yea, honestly the safest way to do the anathema fight is just to let him down you in the middle arena. Just never shoot the adds and wait to go into FFYL then take a guardian out. As long as you have Too angry to die in the guardian ranks skill you won’t have an issue getting back up