The first person MOBA guide (Incursion and Meltdown)

I won’t be coming back to this forum after having to deal with the moderators on this site.

In 25 years of using forums I have never encountered any site over-moderated to the extent of this place. If you cannot freely exchange thoughts, there is no purpose to being here.


This. So much this. I cant believe how far people will chase to try and get a kill. Ive had enemies chase me from mid all the way to our second sentry before they died. Its not worth it, they could easily have spent that time killing minions and getting an XP lead.


some good pointers indeed hopefully some pub scrubs can get it together with this

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OMG I can’t agree more! How annoying is it to watch someone retreat into their base only to be followed by that one guy/gal who thinks they can get the kill before they get eviscerated by a sentry, adds, and the rest of the enemy team smh. Best case scenario they get the kill and die immediately after, in which case congrats you accomplished nothing. Worst case you just got yourself killed and probably leveled up someone on the enemy team. TEAM is the operative word when it comes to Incursion, push as a team, retreat as a team and watch your wins rise like the pheonix! (or the Galilea lol).

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Good guide man. Really dig it. Hopefully this will help new players. However, I will disagree that ranged DPS like Melka, Marquis, Thorn, and Oscar Mike have low mobility. :). I still have yet to find a way to reliably kill a good Thorn/Melka due to this mobility. Especially after level 5.

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True, and I completely agree, by default though, they don’t come with much, they have to spec into it, and it’s something that people looking into the class I don’t think should really expect.

I completely agree though, Caldarius is (sort of) a ranged DPS character, and he has the best mobility in the game. To most newer players though, I want to give them an idea of what they should expect with characters they’re looking at, like Marquis, etc.

Battleborn has so many characters that bleed over that it’s actually really hard to pin down roles, I almost just left the generalizations out all together, but I felt like it might help people visualize what the roles kind of bring to the table overall

Yeah I can dig it. Maybe it will make for less mobile Thorns and Melkas, which is good for us. lol. A guy can dream…

Perhaps have a 5th category? Skirmishers… High mobility with medium range, low/medium melee. Melka fits here.

Their strength is moving around quickly to plug in holes/exploit out of position enemies/harass enemies/quickly reinforce allies/quickly stop minions.


Yeah I could see this. With players like Melka and Cal it’s kind of their job to be mobile. Either way.

Well, I get what you mean, the problem is we’re really talking about two characters that kind of buck the trend more than define a role. I’ll definitely mention them in there, but I don’t think they really warrant their own class, and I certainly don’t feel like they’d be a requirement in every match…

It’s more like they kind of bleed over into both roles, ranged assassins. They don’t bring the cc melee assassins get, but make up for it with range.

They’re really flexible and help with both roles during a match, but I still think you wouldn’t want them trying to carry either role by themselves (melee dps or ranged) because you’ll end up suffering by losing cc or ranged pressure.

They’re a great 5th man pick though

I try to just laugh. Yeah I get annoyed but hopefully they will learn by fire. It’s the fools that do this Repeatedly that drive me bonkers. We have a clan saying for the deathmatch folk.

“He lived poorly but died well” granted being gang killed is Crap but sugar coating it keeps one sane.

Amazing advice @V0LUM3 let’s hope new players find it and read it.

Sidenote. I also usually say that skirmisher is a fifth role. My clan rookies actually overlook it as a solid filler pick but I can attest that an amazing melka or cal can really change a game. Specially the formers dot effects and cals flashbang. Both can be really impractical if used right.

Thanks, man, yeah I haven’t really seen Lot of tips about team comps and general gamely tips around here, I think it’s kind of an important idea to get people are of if they’re not used to a moba type game.

And I completely agree, they don’t fit into every comp but when they do they can be amazing. I’ve seen a lot of people picking mellka lately into weird situations and then they get upset when they don’t do very well and it seems like a lot of people forget to keep an eye on overall cc available

Team comps should always look something like:

1 pusher: OM, Thorn, Marquis, Whiskey (napalm build), Benedict (LOL)

1 tank: SaA, Montana, Isic, Boldur, Kelvin

1 support: Miko, Reyna, Kleese,

1 melee: Rath, Galilea, Phoebe, Attikus, EL dragon, Deande

1 free slot: usually I fill this with a caster type like Alani, Ambra, Orendi

The only slot that you can really change is that fifth slot which I usually fill with a caster because I’d rather have one. Now that Ambra is garbo tier she’s a bad pick here. However, Alani and Orendi are beast here because they push really well. Also because Alani can not play pure support without playing the caster role at the wave. At that point she’s not focusing on pure supporting . You can also fill this slot with a secondary support is you have good damage else where, Or another pusher if you’re fine with your support.

Just some things to watch out for:

  1. if you go three melee deep your pusher is under a lot of pressure to win the game.

  2. Some supports are only off supports and do not work well as the single support.

  3. The more time you spend at your healer, the more you are losing the game. What people are not aware of is: if you have to go full heal you are spending 20+ seconds off the map. Meaning you might as well have died anyways.

  4. Absolutely do not play afraid to die. Every time you do this you give up pressure and can start to lose the game.

  5. pay attention to your mini map.

  6. For the love of god if you are pushing an attack button on Miko and its not the heal please stop. You are ruining the game for everyone.

Otherwise nice guide.

Great post! I feel like playing the campaign gave me a good grasp of playing a character, but going into PvP, I learned quickly there’s a lot more than knowing how to play a character. This will surely help!

@Psychichazard this is also very worthy of a pin!


I agree. I guess that at some point we’ll have to amalgamate into a master guide thread, but for now, pins work.

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Love the guide man. I think my it should be stickied.

My only disagreement is the reference of Kelvin as a tank.
He is a controller-brawler. And as a Kelvin main, I can say that he plays quite poorly as a tank. He needs to use his escape tool quite often in the middle of fights. He can take a beating, but he’s no tank. If he were your teams tank, he would end up running to often to really fulfill this role. The elders tank is definitely boldur, not kelvin.

Just noticed it has been pinned

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Thanks a lot for this guide. It’s helped me get my bearings a bit. I’ve probably been one of those players that people have been getting annoyed with. It’s my first game of this type, and the learning curve is a little steep for someone unacquainted with the more tactical multiplayer games out there.

That said, concerning the classes mentioned here, does anyone have a good link showcasing how the characters are broken down into their classes?

Are you meaning something like a break-down of every character and where they will fall into classes?

I can put a rough list together if that’s what you’re asking for, just remember that there’s a lot of “bleed over” with classes in this game with characters, like Kelvin is "kind of " a tank and “kind of” an assassin for instance.

Yes, I understand that bleed over completely. I absolutely adore the versatility this character list has.

Maybe instead of making a list yourself, do you have a link? Your efforts are really appreciated, thanks.