The FL4K Crit Fix

So as everyone here knows, Gearbox is having some issues balancing Fl4k’s Fade Away skills and critical abilities. Essentially people are making builds that turn a skill meant for burst damage into a skill that can cleave through bosses. Gearbox’s attempt to fix these abusive builds is to nerf a key component of these builds: “Guerillas in the Mist”. My guess is that the original concept of this skill was to alter Fade Away from a means of doing heavy burst damage into a means of dealing moderately increased damage with automatic weaponry. But here’s the deal: THIS IS NOT WHAT SHOULD BE NERFED.

The true culprit to these abusive builds is a separate augment for Fade Away: Unblinking Eye. This skill increases critical hit damage by +75% per successive hit, resetting every three hits. With default Fade Away this skill is a simple damage buff, making it a touch easier to chew through beefier enemies. However it has extreme synergy with GitM, allowing for massive recurring damage from high RoF weapons. This is the true culprit of these insane crit builds. No matter how much GitM gets nerfed, it will still be an insane skill so long as Unblinking Eye is untouched.

So here is my 2 cents: Restore GitM to it initial values of +50% crit at 8 seconds. At the same time give Unblinking Eye a 10 second cooldown per volley. This would allow the first couple shots of GitM to get the bonus damage but then have it play as intended afterwards.
And my 3rd cent: It would be nice if GitM actually lasted a touch longer, like 10 seconds instead. It can be hard to clean house when enemies keep running around like exposed roaches.

Stop giving gearbox more ideas on ways to nerf FL4K.
He’s been nerfed enough.
And no I don’t think they would revert anyting and implement new nerfs instead of the original ones.

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I hate to say this, but i wish they went after Unblinking Eye with a 2 second timer rather then Leave No Trace. Fl4k has two trees that involve crit and a lot of various crit skills. Almost all his builds are crit builds to a degree. Nerfing Leave No Trace didn’t just hurt Fade Away build, but pretty much all his viable builds. And its not like he has much build diversity as it is.

I agree with this. Leave no trace was just a building block skill that had a chance to be good in the right circumstance. Definitely hurts a lot of potential builds. FL4K is supposed to be a crit damage king.

A 10 second timer on unblinking eye would be terrible and ruin the skill. So you could only use it once in the duration of gitm? No just no.

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Technically he is supposed to be a beastmaster

You are right, at base Fl4K should be a beastmaster. But only the “Master” tree supports this class at all, and it is vastly inferior to the “Hunter” and the “Stalker” trees. But the “Master” tree is by far the weakest for FL4K. I started with a Hunter to Matster build myself, but I found that the pets just dont do enough damage and die too quickly. Personally I think if the skill for pets to revive you was in the Master tree instead of the Stalker tree, it might make the Master tree worth playing.

Either way, I think any significant nerf to how FL4K plays with crits is a problem, since most builds rely on FL4K’s crits and how they affect how you play.

Either way, Beast support needs to be buffed in a serious way in order to inspire non-crit based FL4K builds. Sure aspect of FL4K crit builds were a little too strong. But that does not mean that the crit build is wrong. The Beastmaster build was too weak. Make pets stronger.

Sorry, but are you reading what you are writing? If they nerf Unblinking Eye, then you my as well not spec into GiTM, cos you will be doing barely more than body shots on your so called ‘auto-crits’. And a 10 second delay? Yeah, lets totally bust the skill like they did LnT.

GiTM was never overpowered - people overrated the hell out of it. In mobbing it was really nice, but next to what Amara and Moze was capable of, its nothing to shout about. In bossing? People went for crits anyway, because you did so much more damage on true crits. And base F4de Away can totally destroy bosses as well - faster than Guerrillas in fact, its just that Guerrillas has better synergy with more weapons.

Imho all that the nerfing of LnT and gitm achieved was limit the weapons you could use. Instead of it being more interchangeable now it’s just a refined list that can benefit from one or the other but not both. LnT was once a staple in crit builds or non crit builds but that is no more. If you want the most usable crit build for mobbing now your best bet is to take the points from leave no trace and slap them into persistence hunter. Might as well have your original gitm time back or be as close to it as possible

Well you have to consider what GitM was intended for. It takes a skill designed for hard burst damage and makes it capable of spreading damage over a larger crowd of enemies. By itself its a fair trade off of hard single-target damage for moderate mob damage. Its when Unblinking Eye adds an additional layer of crit boosts that it allows GitM to melt tougher enemies better than default Fade Away.
You have to consider that that is Gearbox’s endgame: Make GitM a trade off instead of a direct boost.