The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

Okay, let’s move the game night arrangements to another section, please. There is a section for each platform and game. Sections for BL3 should be up soon.

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I haven’t stopped playing it for years and years unless a new game comes out and I beat that then back to BL i like to be a community helper but the young lads get mad that I don’t mod/boost :confounded:

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My bf manages a GameStop but I wasn’t quick enough to preorder the diamond loot edition I’m so sad but we got the super deluxe!

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You do you, you don’t have to because other people do it :man_shrugging:t2:

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I haven’t been playing my Ps for about 2 weeks cause of work :sweat_smile:

You played Horizon Zero Dawn? That’s a amazing game :scream::scream::scream::scream:


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Didn’t know that :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I’m not as tech savvy as those people lmao :rofl: butttttt anyone interested we can redirect THAT conversation here :heart:

ANYONE ON PS4? I can help ya, I can’t boost ya!

I moved it!! I sowwy :hugs:

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WHAT if FL4K was a Dahl prototype AI solider?

So, I’m just going to leave this here…
(and yes, I have checked the info sources and while they tend to release “left leaning” articles all information they release has been approved by several fact-checkers… so you know that now)

I’mma go sit over there and wait for the flood of people to rage against me or argue that simply because they’re made of metal these ideas don’t apply. (I’d also appreciate it if you didn’t come murder me in my sleep.)


A thought that just occurred to me that makes me retract my previous comment: if we look at FL4K like Deathtrap, it is VERY possible that FL4K was also Digistructed into existence! So excited to learn more about FL4K the possibilities are endless and so fun to think about! Keeps me sane at work in 100 degrees and no A/C :cry:

Don’t worry, when I get done work I’ve got a whole thing to write, so. Welcome to the thread :joy:


I sense not many alternative opinions are going to change your mind. However…

Not everybody experiences the game as that simplistic. I like that it has some character development and an interesting plot, rather than just ‘murding’ people.

But in a way I think you’re right. The franchise isn’t hell bent on being politically correct. It just happens to have LGBT characters in it. And the company that wrote the game has forums which are setting rules on how those characters are referred to on its own turf.

Caring about people from the LGBT community isn’t just ‘left wing’. People from all sides of the political spectrum want to do that.


You just saw that they are now “tinks” meaning they are trying to be more politically correct. It’s a slippery slope and soon you won’t have a game at all because it “promotes gun violence”.

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Is this your personal opinion on the midget situation, or is this Gearboxes line on it?

I find this fascinating. Personally I don’t get offended by anything, ever. However Kyle raised an interesting point, and if thats the company line on the situation, its not a very good one. I don’t think renaming them makes any difference at all. They are clearly still midgets/dwarves/little people…whatever term you are supposed to use these days.

They obviously had many jokes and missions at the expense of them in the past, and no one seems to be bothered by this. At least, I don’t recall ever seeing anything the likes of this whole gender situation. I guess since they renamed them, its all okay now? Weird. It seems the gender situation is only important because right now its an overall hot button topic. 2 years from now, no one will care if you call Fl4k a “he” I bet.

In BL1, they were “Li’l (class name)”. In BL2, midgets. Randy Pitchford posted a comment about them being called Tinks because in BL3 they are tinkerers, pulling scrap apart and making new things out of it.

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“Midget” can be a pejorative term. I once had a co-worker who had a form of dwarfism and she hated the word.

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At least they will be named better now before we MURDER THEM.


In fairness, I think the apparent size of the furore here is a bit of a red herring when considering how much people care or don’t care / how important the situation is. There are a lot of posts on this thread, but a lot of this is because of misreporting about Gearbox banning people - i.e., making the idea that they’re making a bigger deal of this than they actually are.

Gearbox made a statement about a forum policy regarding courtesy, but it got blown out of proportion by lies and misrepresentation. Lots of new people join the forum to complain about the version splashed on YouTube; when mods / regular crew / non-binary people explain the pretty small-scale reality many people are cool with it. Rinse and repeat, although it can’t go on forever. Can it? It can’t. Surely not…

Anyway, point being, it’s not really possible to judge how big of an issue this actually is by the way it’s unfurled. It’s a storm in a teacup, even though the brand of tea in question is worth tasting. (That metaphor got away from me fast. What I mean is - it’s important, and I can see why people care and get upset by it, but I think most people have it in proportion).

Well I’m a bit wary of slippery slopes (I’ve hurt my feet so I’m staying on level ground!). As I say I think this is pretty limited, censorship has a long history and it goes back and forth. I do hope we get the gore from Borderlands 1 back though, I enjoyed that a lot.


its a cryin’ shame they ended teh midget oppression story line.

i wanted a story arc where the oppressed midgets ended up with their own “faction” or “empire” or “republic” or something. Making their “faction” as powerful as your average corporation is within the Borderlands universe.

Certain corporations and other factions like the Bloodshots might be “pro midget” while others might be “anti midget”… and still others… would be “fence-sitters” on the “midget issue”.


The Interplanetary Association of Nomads really hates the midgets and the taint-sacks who love them.

Also Interplanetary Association of Nomads: they miss their midgets.