The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

As PH set out in his post: in some cases correct the factual record over false claims being propagated beyond these forums; in other cases, deal with inappropriate posts designed more to inflame or insult others rather than contribute to reasoned debate.

Those are in the COMMUNITY GUIDELINES and FORUM RULES that every user is expected to read when they first sign up.

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thank you for the first section response.

Regarding the second matter: a moderator has stated, in general, that people have come here to cause havoc, these people, in turn have caused pressure and when a person is in a position of authority, they need to take the situation at hand into account, not the current rules and getting angry, which is personalizing an issue, when someone does not “obey.”

take the situation as it comes, set some ground rules. adapt with the environment as people in the"sjw" ( i don’t actually know a name for these very specific people so I call em what i’ve learned, and this is how I am going to refer to them because that is what I have learned and already committed to memory) community are telling the rest of the world. since you have, as a collective, decided that is your political stance. Stand by it, or take a more aloof stance as moderators with the only goal of peacekeeping.

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PsychichazardCheersploding as I type!


Did you read the forum rules?

I guess not. Go read them, and you’ll understand a little better why i did what i did.

this is exactly the kind of personalizing I am referring to. very nonchalant, “not my problem” kind of phrasing. you are in a very delicate position, and the effects of a few words can do a lot of damage to the game, it’s PR, the people working on it, and the people behind it.

I am not seeking to make a mockery of anyone, if I did it would be on a stage, but we are discussing not just a character in this forum, we are discussing the very notion of communication, and that, in and of itself, is more important than the character and it’s personalized identity in a world where the vast majority of people simply do not think that way. Yes the world may be coming to that line of thinking more, but this character… he just got put into the crosshairs of a much, much bigger issue. world wide as a matter of fact.









Which is exactly what we have been doing. Seriously. If we’d been acting out of anger, this thread would have been permanently closed 3 days ago.


Would it help if I closed the thread for 10 minutes, giving you time to read them, and then reopened it?

Could you all manage to resist the urge to post for that long and read the rules instead?

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Everyone read them? All clear about the rules? Any queries, comments about moderation will be answered if you pm us, or request a chat if you can’t pm

Sorry Pyschic, but I’m linking this thread in the “Which Character are going to Play First” thread so people stop filling that one up with nonsense. I hate to divert the nonsense here, but as much as I love the openness of the posters in this thread, I can’t stand the drivel that’s being brought up on every other Fl4k thread.


You have no idea how much slack we having been giving people in this thread. We have been giving lots. Lots of slack.

However, we’re now returning to normal service. We have to assume that further breaches of the rules are deliberate.

If you wish to discuss this, pm is the way to go.

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Good luck.

there’s even a sticky.

I’m gonna write a comment in here addressing all the Top 40 Pop Hits Of Discourse by the end of tonight that, if y’all read and think “yeah, that covers that well enough” we could just keep replying the link to? Not telling anyone what to do, but I think at this point we could use a Forum Loop 4 Kommon-comments comment.


Apparently Reddit is having this same issue, but they’ve banned all discussion regarding FL4K’s gender. Here, there is a 1,700 post thread discussing the issue ad nauseum, and it’s HERE that people complain about censorship.

One place asks you to use words. The other bans an entire topic of discussion. Tell me which place is censoring again? And for the record, I appreciate the work that the Reddit mods do, and know I would’ve done the same thing in their shoes. Just reading the some trite arguments for the millionth time is tiresome, I can’t imagine how dreadful it must be to moderate this mess.

And again, before anyone says anything, there have been DOZENS of posts at this point arguing what you are about to post more thoughtfully, eloquently, and with more care and research behind it than the angry tweet you’re about to leave for the devs. It’s been said by now. If you can’t at least add something new to this discussion, then at least just like the other posts that have said what you want to say so we don’t need to read the same thing for the millionth time.


Yeah, I’ve summarised most of the standpoints that I’ve seen over and over. Was going to write a comprehensive reply that covered those points but I had stuff to do irl.

I mean, I’d prefer individuals to respond to individuals rather than with cut and paste or link but I certainly l understand anyone that no longer has the patience left to do that.

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Yeah, fair, it’s just exhausting waking up to the same cycle of things we’ve already said. Again, not saying anyone should do anything specific, I’m just gonna try to get a solid congregation of “been there, done that” highlights, formatted to be readable like a sorta FAQs. If I can pull it off. I just had a long day at work. But I technically fixated on this and won’t be able to stop until I at least try.


Godspeed Sam. I don’t think I can stand to read through this entire thread a second time.:dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

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Pm it to me before posting it, if you do manage to get something down, yeah?

Just to see if you missed something, or if I think it could be added to the pinned post at the top of the Flak section.

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This thread is getting hotter each day, however discussion is like a broken record.

Oh, cool. And you might be able to temper any of the less desirable elements out of it. See ya in the box!

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