The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

See? It’s not hard. But you see. Principles. And um… free speech. And um… other stuff. 1984!

Oh c’mon. Somebody here has to make a 1984 reference to prove they read a book once in high school.

It’s like the only thing I lack for 3 different rows on my ■■■■■■■ bingo card.


Of course. But FL4K is non-binary and so am I. So I relate to that.


Why are people so obsessed with gendering FL4K? If you find the answer to this, you might find the reason why they are being banned. It’s not about the pronouns, but why they are doing it.


I know no non-binary people in real life. I really don’t know a lot about it in general. All I know is that Fl4k is basically my dream BL character, and if GB is making this a part of their character, then I accept it wholeheartedly. It doesn’t change how hyped I am for them one way or another.

It does make me sad that so many threads devolve into arguments about it though. It’s not like GB is going to change FL4k’s gender at this point. We each have the responsibility to find ways to discuss this character with each other without turning things into a mudslinging contest.


Its not about giving him a specific gender its about calling a fictional character whatever we want he doesn’t have feelings yet we get banned for it.


Your last thread was literally titled “fl4k is more a guy than a girl”.


Maybe BL 4 should be an all robot cast :rofl:


Aren’t you the person who said they would misgender me in real life?

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I said “Name a consequence for me calling you a he/her in person in America.” because you said “You don’t have the right to use any pronouns with me, actually. My pronouns are part of my gender identity and protected under hate speech laws. And even if they weren’t, you are not protected from consequences. And there would be consequences.”


You said “But I have the right to use any pronouns I want with you.”

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Well, you see, the reason for that is enough people thought your opinion sucks that you got flagged like a billion times, and when that happens, the system automatically closes it. To defend you. For having an opinion that has been disproved by word god posts in this very thread.


on the other hand, it is safe to say claptrap is a He.


I do, that doesn’t mean i’m going to purposely disrespect you because I know you have feelings unlike fl4k.


“It should be easy as pie to not gender a robot.”

Except that’s not how people who speak english work, they naturally want to apply a gender when speaking about a person/character. And yes, they will attempt to make a judgement call on the correct pronouns to use for that person/character. She/He are the two options most people are going to default to and make their judgement call to use. The singular “they”, when talking about a person who isn’t unknown, is unheard of to a lot of people and can feel clumsy even to people who do know about it.

“because robots are machines they are not usually assigned a gender at birth.”

And yet people assign gender to stuff like that all the time when talking about or too them. People decide that their appliances, tech, and cars and male/female all the time and talk about them as such. Its just how people are.

“Citing things like FL4K’s appearance and voice … They intentionally look for things that they can base a gender on.”

As I said, yeah, that’s what people do. They make the guess on what would be the correct pronouns to use. And yes-

" Who’s to say they wouldn’t do that to me? Look at build and my voice and assign a gender based on that?"

-they can be incorrect. And you can then correct them. Because you’re real, having the wrong pronouns used can actually effect you. They would “do that to a machine” because they would do that to a person, because everyone does that to people. Because language is gendered and they need to guess at what words to use when referring to an object, person, or character. People naturally look for physical traits and listen for a voice to try and guess what pronouns are correct for the situation. This can be wrong at times, because just because some traits are associated one way(broad shoulders or a soft/higher pitched voice) doesn’t mean that someone can’t have those traits when they aren’t what they’re usually associated with.


This is where the confusion comes into play. People are getting banned for repeated and intentional misuees of the pronoun…yet it’s not a misuse of the pronoun. It doesn’t have any AND it’s a robot that people are putting sentimental value on because of how human like it is. These bans do hurt people. That is exactly the damage that is being done. It shows just how much and where people place their values on things. The devs say say Fl4k stands for non gender and going against it is a violation of peoples feelings and rights more or less…yet that’s not how Fl4k feels nor what he will be doing in the game. People are speaking for Fl4k, that is the problem. Going against the people speaking for Fl4k is the problem. The devs champion their hearts out to say Fl4k doesn’t have a gender…but neither does my toaster. My toaster will make toast. My fl4k will kill people. Fl4k and the devs are not on the same page nor are they uttering the same words, slinging the same post, singing the same songs, dancing the same dances. The devs do not speak for Fl4k. Fl4k speaks for Fl4k and at the end of the day how you refer to your Fl4k is how you refer to your Fl4k. Fl4k will no doubt be a loveable character just like all the rests of them.


Remember the first draft was called “More guy then a girl”

Just to paint a picture.


…because flak reads as a dude for most people?


Thank you for treating people with respect. It goes a long way.

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You’re so close to an epiphany about, like, everything.


The first draft was “Fl4k is more a guy then a girl” act like you have never made a spelling error.