The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

I myself love love love female characters anyway they look even if it’s deemed too sexual, so what? It shows they’re not ashamed of who they are. But also makes me hesitant to play as any in fear of the misrepresentation because of given character and being a female myself. Why is it only acceptable for guys to like these characters and flaunt them, but if a girl does you must be this or that. Why? Then we’re ashamed and made to despise female characters and see them as an unobtainable goal that we’d never relate to Bc we don’t look like them. (Like celebrities) Maya is one of my first MAIN girl character that I’ve ever mained for YEARS and keep going back to and still play everyday. Ive always been drawn to the Male characters because what theyre about and how they portray themselves vs how they look for their big chests out. Maya is the one of only characters that is not over exposed or hyper sexual like example Moxxi, I love Moxxi she is my favorite, but if I say that I must be like her, no? People want some substance and some sort of originality to their character. More people would rather play the unknown option zer0 making the mystery more fun for you as the player to speculate & create fanfic then playing as the generic looking Axton or the not so appealing Sal, that’s why they added in Krieg; another cool ass looking mystery character. (krieg is my 2nd main because he’s the best character ever) #pleasebringkriegback

its because scientifically non-binary isn’t a thing, it has no basis scientifically so it is an ideology. i was curious on its basis so was researching it earlier. hey atleast im attempting to understand its origin and its basis, however that is what my findings were.
now being male and female is proven because we do in fact have genitalia
i understand the belief in that you feel like something else, not being insulting these are the words i found when looking into it but from what i gathered thats the extent of it.
if you look at it from an outsider’s view though its illogical so that does make it a tough ideology to understand without logic all you have is your own belief. this is what makes it similar to a religion.

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Also adds to my point that people want to also be able to, for some strange reason, connect / see these characters in a fantasy (sexual) way maybe some people are mad that they cannot see FL4K this way since there’s no bobs or pp on this robot (to our knowledge) and want to really see them doing dirty things! :thinking:

Uh, any links or evidence for that buddy? 'Cause I just did a cursory search of my library website and found a tonne of articles in medical science journals discussing the experience of non-binary people and their healthcare needs.



Thank you for your contribution. There are quite some links posted above regarding the scientific side of the discussion. I would politely advise to read up on the matter before posting again.

@cswilliams93 I neither feel the need to change that nor do I have any interest to. But I suggest reading this:

This is no discussion about gender, that was clarified by Gearbox and especially the creator of Fl4k sufficiently.


I think we’re at a point in internet culture where we can articulate what we mean rather clearly, even through text.


This is a common (and incredibly unsubtle) way of displaying tone on the internet. There are many others, some of which have been seen in this thread. Speech on the internet is incredibly informal, and thanks to all these emojis, caps, bolds, etc… we have dozens of ways to convey tone that you can’t use in, say, an academic paper or professional writing. When people want to get their point across, even through the internet, they have ways to do that can be snarky and obnoxious. However, there are also plenty of times when the words are just what they are.

When you have the sentence “FL4K is they/them. They’re non-binary”, what is the difference between taking it at face value and reading into it? What else is there that can be said in that sentence other than what is there? I suppose I don’t see how, outside of some other context, that sentence in of itself can be seen as aggressive.


Doesn’t matter. Rule 34 and Bowsette exist, along with Sonic fanfics * shudders *.

Even Wikipedia has a decent description.

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I’m truly sorry, but I honestly have no idea what you’re even trying to say anymore. You’re just all over the place.

Also, you keep calling Borderlands an RPG when it isn’t. The playable characters in the franchise aren’t created by the players. They all have pre-set, canonical and definitely intended identities, backgrounds, personalities and even in-game reactions that are totally out of the player’s control when playing the game. None of the customization options available to players change who the characters are in the game.


Lol my dad texts / types in all caps Bc he’s not tech savvy or computer literate. Some do it to bypass grammatical correctness. Some use caps to emphasize. Again perception. If someone typed to me in all caps I wouldn’t say omg stop yelling at me when I can not read text with a tone of voice when it will be my own tone of voice so I can manipulate it to come across in a way to sound a certain way to to fit a narrative to the situation or point that I want to believe in that may not actually be how it was intended to come across by the person writing it.

Oh ■■■■. Not here too.

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It is most certainly a hybrid rpg/fps. Just because it’s not an MMO doesn’t mean its not an rpg image|432x499

They’re not all canon lol some characters were written in to fit a story plot / twist / get people thinking.
Sorry I’m on a phone and it’s not auto correcting things so the sentences seem to come out wrong. I edit them, don’t worry. What are you confused by with what I’m saying?
Why do you think they made it in VR? So you can finally feel like you’re your character now. Just because the character model is prebuilt doesn’t mean it’s not an rpg. You’re experiencing everything as you are them, you play dungeons and dragons as the whole campaign of Tiny Tina’s DLC! For Example; the most compared game to BL, The idiocy that is Fornite That is not an rpg shooter, this series has always been. That’s what makes it so unique and lovable. Because it’s not just a looter shooter.

Uhhh sooo someones feelings on the way they perceive themselves (besides transgendered and transitioning medically because you’re chemically altering your body to fit more to how you see yourself) what healthcare besides mental health care? I don’t see anyone else saying they need a character for how they mentally feel Sooo All the off the hinge, always talking yourself outta offing innocent people schizo/ bipolar / borderline personality / manic depression future psychos out there, have no fear! Krieg was made for you! This is how I perceive your logic.

If we call these games RPGs (there are definitely common elements, but the hybrid nature is glaring), and the point of an RPG is to play a role, and the game comes with prebuilt characters with set backstories, then the FL4K character’s binary gender identification (which is the case according to the writers, developers, publishers, etc.) is part of the ROLE you are assuming when playing this RPG with that character. If you don’t want to play that role there are 3 other characters you can play. Right? Have I missed something? Why are we still doing laps around the mulberry bush here? Aren’t we dizzy enough already?


I’m pretty confused about what point(s) you’re trying to make here. :confused:


Surely the ‘RGP’ elements of borderlands are the skill trees and level progression, nothing more?

I say this after having played tabletop and live action rpgs since my teens.


I’ve always considered borderlands to be a FPSRPG.

I have met a player who did play it as an RPG game, role playing his many characters, often based on build or allegiance. So a Hyperion allegiance character would have huge moral dilemmas about killing engineers and would run past them wherever possible. Maliwan characters prized elegance and never opened dumpsters. It’s quite fun to do, though I’ve never been as dedicated - he never broke the rules so some of his characters just never progressed past certain points!

I think that kind of gameplay is pretty rare though.

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Right. Exactly. But you can’t expect people to adhere to ideals of a real life issue when it pertains to a robot. If FL4K was a human character in this and let’s say they needed to for the game, like in bl2, a wanted poster of them to describe their appearance to alert others to look out for them for a reward, if I lose you I’m sorry, I come through better in actual tone not text. Ok, the description would probably say: look out for a tall - could be male, could be female - hunter with animals with them, they’ll look for Mordecai. Because if you limit them to 1 or another and say male they’ll look for all men. If you said female they’ll look for all women. If you give the notion of both then it’ll be easier to spot someone with a quick first glance that resembles both qualities. In this case if you say look out for a Giant Robot who at first you’d mistaken for a man given the height, mass (that the coat makes them to appear much beefier) and Bane Voice, with 3 monsters / creatures with them. They’re gonna spot them out instantly. And They would be correct because it’s identity cannot be specified as man or woman because it’s not a human