The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

So, remember how we’re supposed to be excellent to each and not personally attack each other over the gender non-conformity of an unreleased character?



Again, from your source.

  • Gender identity - is a category of social identity and refers to an individual’s identification as male, female or, occasionally, some category other than male or female. It is one’s deeply held core sense of being male, female, some of both or neither, and does not always correspond to biological sex.

I think you can identify as whatever you want it doesn’t effect me, but I also think me calling a robot he doesn’t effect you or any other gender x, y, z person.


Some replies are being hidden and you have to understand why. Various reasons, some of which are side remarks that seem like upturned nose’d statements without care. Especially when the topic becomes about actual people who are in the situation of not having a gender. That is neither here or there nor something many of us can provide a professional outlook on without actually being in the situation. Verbally scuffing at the subject would of course get hidden.

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Why do you want to gender the robot?


My absolute favorite thing right now is the two people who started attacking the only nonbinary person in this thread are “shocked” that suddenly they’re getting flagged a billion times.


They are not making good points, only being inflammatory and not helping anyone. This is a serious free speech issue.


Highly appreciate this post for quelling the rumours.


Buddy, I responded with YOUR SOURCE. You have only yourself to blame that 5 seconds of googling didn’t help you. That’s because psychiatry and psychology are on my side here. Studies have been done on gender since as early as the 1930’s. Science is not on your side here. And facts don’t care about your feelings.


See? I don’t agree with your viewpoint at all, but no flag.

Hell, I’ll even toss you a like.

But oh boy, “the censorship done come for my ■■■■■■■ card, it must all be true.”


If you purposefully and continually use the wrong pronoun. To me, that’s reasonable. If I went into a DBZ forum and kept posting “Goku and Vegeta have a lot of sexual tension. Toriyama should make them a gay couple”, I’m sure I would be banned.

This is kind of the same way. Lore dictates Fl4k is they/them. If you don’t want to use the pronouns, just keep typing Fl4k. There are workarounds to this.


They sound like a man they act masculine I can see myself as that character i’m a man.


so you are saying there are more then two genders?


Who are you referring to?


“People are assigning a gender to FL4K because they don’t believe in non-binary genders”

People are assigning a gender to flak because flak looks and sounds like a guy! This isn’t difficult

" they foolishly believe that a person has to be either male or female. They are positive that FL4K is a one or the other because they don’t believe that a person can be neither."

Yes, these foolish, foolish people for believing what was the case for hundreds - thousands of years and is still the case for the vast majority of people. Or maybe they’re just “positive” that flak has masculine traits so they use masculine pronouns and maybe aren’t feeding in to your persecution complex.

“they believe that everything needs to be a man or a woman.”

I really don’t know how to tell you this, but this is the case for most of the world


No, there are only two genders in our culture: man and woman. Other cultures have three, such as the hijra in Pakistan and India, and the two-spirit of native cultures. Since our culture does not have names for people who do not identify as man or woman, we call ourselves non-binary.


… This would actually explain so much.


Like I said, you agree with the censorship because it supports your position. I believe this to be short-sided, and does not look or deal with the broader implication.


What is the broader implication? Because to me, the broader implication of people misgendering FL4K is that they want to misgender anyone who doesn’t agree with their view of gender.