The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

That was extremely insightful actually.

In this context, I can see how someone wouldn’t be comfortable using they/them to refer to a singular person. Although I would encourage you to call everyone, even the ones you don’t like, by their name. Tends to help us remember that other people are human too, regardless of how much they irritate us.


I imagine everyone at gearbox to be anarcho-capitalists. I mean, that appears to be the system in place on Pandora


so the only reason gearbox doesnt censor speech outside of their forums is because it isnt plausible?

pls moderate my two flagged posts. i would like to see if they are not allowed here.

Oh I’m not a coward i promise. Just helping keep this place clean

PM me if need be, i don’t wish to humor you in this thread


SPOILER: This is the robot we’re arguing about

It’s because your opinion is different than their.

This is why I hate these kind of system, because it can be abused by people to shut others down.

Only moderators should have this kind of power.

Inb4 this gets flagged


I had NO idea there was any “flak over Fl4k”. If Gearbox wants Fl4k to be non-binary, and wants me to use “they/them”, I’m happy to do it.


There are plenty of posts expressing different opinions that haven’t been flagged.

I dare anyone on this thread to go to reddit, correct someone using the wrong pronouns, and see the massive down voting you get. This is literally the only forum on the internet where the anything remotely close to the opposite might be true. You won’t get mass downvotes for using the wrong pronoun (because unlike reddit, you either care enough to flag or leave it be), but you’ll be coddled by the mods to please adjust your language, and have over 800 posts wherein you can make your case to the community and not be banned. AND STILL, so many are incensed over this.

Am I missing something? It seems like we can boil this thread down to three lines

It’s such a small thing, why are you making such a big deal out of it? (he/she crowd)
It’s such a small thing, why are you being so obtuse about it? (they/them crowd)


Hence why I said only moderators should be able to hide posts and why I dislike any board that allows comment rating or anything similar to this board.

Of course, having a report feature is necessary, but not in the way it works in this board, because any user that “behaves” can easily start to tag any post they disagree with for moderation.

Oh, and reddit is cancer btw.

And yet even in a topic this contentious, it has been used sparingly. See how many post in this thread that aren’t confrontational or hostile have been flagged. It’s really not that many.

If anything, the fact this thread is going into its third day and almost 1000 posts and still hasn’t been locked is proof enough that people on this board can and do dissent civilly.

BTW- Reddit is probably the largest BL community, since, you know…no steam for 6 months


We moved onto discourse as the previous software had no way to reward good posts, it only had ways to deal with bad ones. The like/flag system isn’t perfect, but it’s okay. A little more positive maybe.


Do you realize that when a community member flags a post and it gets hidden it is temporarily hidden pending moderator review? And if a moderator sees that the post in question is above board the post will be immediately visible again? It’s a pretty democratic system that allows members of the community to have an active role in maintaining the health of the forum. Is it a perfect system? Probably not. But perfection is a pipe dream. I’ll settle for something that works, thank you.


That’s up to the mods. You can PM any mod for clarification at any time. They will always explain things to you. However you feel about them, they really are the best mods on the interweb.

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It’s going to be time to revert to normal forum function soon. Start by keeping the personal drama off the open forum. You new guys have been given a lot of leeway but I think that since you’re all had plenty of time to read the forum rules, you are all going to be expected to follow them more closely.

This means that calling out other users (including moderators) bickering, flaming, etc are going to be frowned upon. In particular: queries about specific moderator actions are to be discussed with the mod of your choice via pm.

Consider yourselves being given due warning.

I don’t expect anyone to welcome this statement, but if you want a voice here, you post according to the forum rules.


BTW, who is responsible for setting the forum rules? Is it just a single person, or is a group of higher ups in Gearbox that decides to how the board will work in terms of moderation and rules?

Not sure if you’re allowed to talk about this, but if Randy is among them, then this is gonna be hilarious, to be quite frank.

The community managers and moderators wrote the current rules together, based on previous forum rules, over the move to the newer software.


Why would the CEO care about what goes on in the forum. This isn’t an indie game :rofl::wink:

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I dunno, hence why I asked?

I must have misread it somewhere, because I could swear one of the mods said they’re not responsible for the forum rules, that it was up to Gearbox and that they were just following the rules, so that’s why I made this question.

Randy does read the forum, as do many of the devs.

Can I just point out the rule that states that derogatory comments about gearbox staff or moderators will not be tolerated? And if we really wanted to crack down on that, we would?

Just saying. That was a rule long before I got here.