The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

Lol, you can’t be serious with that strawman… Jesus Christ, it’s literally impossible to take you people seriously anymore.

You guys are so in denial, that you still refuse to see the issue with this enforced censorship in these boards, that I wonder if it’s even worth to waste time to have a serious dialogue with you…


I haven’t misgendered you only a fictional character.


Hence why this original post was created in the first place. To set the record straight that at least not everyone feels the way in the slightest. These sandwiched correlations are being laid to rest in this very thread. If we did not discuss these things then you and god knows however many other people would continue to think that’s what the broader implication is/was. We can’t speak for everyone, however we can say that not everyone even has a broader implication for giving Fl4k a gender based on how it’s built.


What is the broader implication?

Expanding bannable offenses to other ideas and concepts that have a lot of nuance and deserve to be heard, rather than being met with an unwelcoming ban, moderation, or otherwise.

Because to me, the broader…

Exactly! TO YOU. What you just expressed was your feelings about why you think it’s wrong. That’s great! And you know what? I would NEVER ban you for it. Conversely, I do not want to be banned for my feelings on this subject either.


Yes, I think it is obvious this is how Gearbox sees the situation. They have zero tolerance for misgendering, and not just misgendering people but characters as well. I can understand this but I can see why other people can’t. Most people have never had to deal with misgendering in their lives.

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You know what I find the most interesting? How much time you spent googling that source.
You obviously did not read it cause it blatantly contradicts your point in every way.
So how much time DID you spend looking for it?

In searching for this answer I downed as much cough syrup as I could and then thought. “What now?”

And then Googled
“trans mental illsnis”
“non binanry mental illsnis”

And wouldn’t you know it. Even through a thick haze of cough medication and my own personal brain rot. Google turned up, with the first search result.

### Gender Dysphoria - American Psychiatric Association

so the answer is, according to google , 0.49 seconds.
still longer then my sex life.


Well, I don’t ban people from the forums. Forum moderators do. And they just clarified that they haven’t banned anyone for this. They’ve stated why they believe their stance is the correct one and it just so happens to align with mine.


No, I recognize censorship is a natural occurrence on a private discussion board. I have no interest here personally. I just recognize that, as a private forum, GB can censor it as they wish. It’s the same on any other group online I’ve ever been a part of. That’s why there are multiple options available. I can’t sit here and argue moderation on this forum because I, and everyone here, agreed to those rules when we signed up. If I break the rules, I take the hit. I’ve had post hidden before, one or two removed. I was mad for a bit, took a break, and came back. This is their platform, and they can do as they wish.

And they should be able to. For what few groups I run, I do reserve the right to censor incredibly off topic or disruptive posts. And unlike this video game forum, those groups are for organizations that work in the real world, with real consequences. I sometimes need to stop someone from spreading misinformation, or just being an uncooperative pain the a. And you know what? They find another place to post.

Its not because I agree with it. It’s because I reserve the same right for myself, and it would be hypocritical of me to complain about censorship online when I know that I’ve had to use the same tool to deal with real life issues with real life consequences.


I mean, are you asking my opinion? Because after last thread I don’t know that anyone is taking you seriously. I mean, I don’t have any intentions of doing so. If you’re taking a straw poll, my answer is no. But others are making your point better than you did so, y’know. You could probably sit this one out.


And people will never understand, or even try to understand, when you won’t even let them speak about it. It’s a vicious vicious circle.

If everyone was more TOLERANT about how people look at Fl4k, this would not even be an issue, and we would not be talking about it.


This ^ We are not Ben Shapiro. We respect everyone.

and since this thread is being a serious discussion that make my brains hurt. I’m out.


People having a history of being misgendered is one thing.
Fl4k never having history of being misgendered is another thing. Especially when it’s being championed as the non-gender robot who non gender humans see themselves in and by default feel threatened and/or hurt because someone…misgendered Fl4k.


Tolerant about how people look at FL4K? As in, more tolerant of the people being intolerant? Whoops, intolerance paradox.


I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say here.

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What if it isn’t out of “spite” and it has zero to do with “those who identify as such”? What if that’s just how they refer to the character with zero ill intention or malice behind it?


There isn’t just “how they refer to the character” because there is only one way to refer to the character. The correct way.


I already made my point over and over and I’m just too tired of seeing it come full cicle at this point.

It’s just amazing that people are still not getting the point as to why people are bringing this whole moderation issue, either because they’re pretending to be oblivious about it, to keep this discussion going on and on and on… or they’re just trolling.

I just hope that someday, this board will be less elitist and segregative towards everyone in general, so that we can fully have free speech, with rules that aren’t as extreme as having you get modded because of a fictional character.


Its a character I should be able to call it whatever I want.


Charley, I’m seriously trying to be nice here, and I"m not being sarcastic.

You’re constantly proving my point. Yes, Gearbox is clearly intolerant of those that wish to call Fl4k “him”. You are assuming intentions behind it, which is extremely hard to prove. I call Fl4k “him” because that’s just what comes naturally to me. I am not trying to be “intolerant”. I’m just being me. It’s absurd that I would be censored for such a thing.


You know, I’ll ask again. Why do you want to gender the robot?