The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

Tch, English is my first language and I have no problem speaking it, therefore it must be easy!


Okay so I have a question for mods or whoever may have the answer. If I call Fl4k a he or him during in-game playing, am I going to be punished if I do it repeatedly? Forums I can understand if I did call Fl4k a him over and over and get punished, well not really but rules, but I want to know if that’ll happen in the game as well.

I ask this because I talk, A LOT, when with friends and even type a lot and my brain runs faster than my fingers and mouth can keep up leading me to stutter or mistype and I find it extremely difficult to change up what I know, such as referring to a heavily male ended character as ‘they/them’ as that’s not how I grew up learning english, even in college.

if it is a bannable offense, in game, and not just the forums then I can’t play the game as I can’t be me essentially in the way I talk and refer to things, especially when it’s done accidental most of the time. Heck I have issues to referring to my phone as ‘it’ and just go with ‘dude’, grew up in cali so everything that’s anything is just dude. Which brings up another thing, growing up and in cali in general dude is non-gender, non-sexual, and refers to all and everything. Can I just refer to Fl4k as dude instead then and be fine by it? Because then I can be comfortable in not thinking I’ll be banned or hurt someones feelings over a fictional character in the way I talk by using ‘dude’ as an all encompassing tool like I have for life.

then the dudes of Pandora and beyond are to be known as my Fart Blossoms of Death and Mayham! Also thank you for the very timely response!

Hello everybody i’m Windows 10 and i thought i’d chime in on this situation.

First to clarify i identify as windows 10.

On one side of the arguement it is understandable that people would be upset by the misgendering of this character as they seek to see them selves in characters. This strikes me as unreasonable. I am windows 10 and if someone called me anything other than windows 10, that does not stop me from being windows 10 because i know i am windows 10. You should stop giving power to these people and be secure in your self because you know what you are, other peoples assumptions or assertions on this subject are wrong so ignore them. Why does it matter that these people are wrong? Stop seeking validation in the eyes of others and instead reaffirm to your self what you already know. If someone refuses to comply with your preferred pronoun laugh it off, ignore them and move on, these people do not deserve power over you, just like when people call me MAC because i am windows 10.

To the other side, does it hurt you so much to refer to the character as it prefers to be called? Again be secure in your self that you can be who you want to be and that you can identify with something that is not who you are. Despite having my lovely Microsoft edge (Which you should all use more) i still can identify with google chrome as it is a strong powerful browser much like i am a strong powerful operating system, despite our inherent differences.

Either way, you should stop getting so hung up on what people call things because ultimately we all know what we are inside or maybe we are still struggling to realize our true selves but giving power to words only brings hurt, my little spaghetti bolognese’s. Comunicate, not dictate. I am Windows 10.


And borderlands 2 they used Lil’ as well Lil Sis and Mr. Bubbles. Don’t forget that awesome Duo!

So, should we get rid of language as a whole? Language is made up of words. Words like “They’re”, “Their”, and “There”. You can’t use those interchangeably. If you do, you’ll be laughed out of college or eventually fired from your job. Words ARE powerful and they are important. I appreciate the intent behind your words, but I don’t feel I can really agree with them on the whole. Pretending people’s words are worthy of being “laughed off” is how fascism is making a comeback. Their hate speech is being ignored by some which allows it to flourish in others. Language has build empires, caused wars, inspired people to fight for freedom. Words are a means of communicating ideas and ideals. Words ARE power.

I say this primarily as someone who uses language as a career. Language has been a significantly important aspect of my life and I have always found it fascinating and important.



Anything you elect to post has been posted by your fire fearing brethren already.

Possibly in a more clever way.

Definitely in a more refined, user-friendly interface than Windows 10.

It is now almost impossible for you sink further into the depths of willful ignorance.

You are literally the Fly Over States of posters.

That said, if you are sincere, it would behoove you to at least skim the first 1500+ posts, before presuming to bring anything new to the board.


before I go, I don’t think using Windows is a good thing to use since they made Tay and we all know how that turned out. So I think Alexa or a different thing would be best to use or anything is better than Windows actually if you’re going to make an AI reference.

That’s actually a Bioshock reference.

I know. But she’s still a midget psycho and not a child of some sorts or just kind of short. Lol

Also Little Baker. Mini Steve. All the Wee -Loaders. Tinks are just a NEW kind of enemy. Gotta keep it fresh, I personally think TINK is hilarious :rofl:

What demand? I know of no demand, only manufactured outrage.

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Wait, your feelings aren’t part of reality?

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wow now we are firing ppl for misusing there. now you see the consequences of emboldening the word police.

Does it have any impact on the story? Does it matter in any way for character development? Or was it just virtue signaling with no other purpose.

If it has nothing to do with anything it should not have been brought up at all.


It’s how that character was written, to promote representation of non-binary folks in gearbox games.

You don’t like that? Don’t play the game. You don’t like the forum rules? Don’t post here.

Simplest choices. Oh, wait, you already cancelled? I’m sure you’ll be very happy.

In fact, why are you still here?


Come on PH, have some sympathy for the people being forced to play Borderlands and write on these forums. Forced I tell ye!


is calling game characters or forum users ‘midgets’ allowed here?

You’re right. My apologies for any hurt feelings.

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FL4K is opening up a (no pun intended) Pandora’s box to bring light to the term NB. Fl4k is NB because they do not relate to the other robots with 1’s and 0’s in their coding. They more than likely will resemble or identify with the 4 coded robots. Like the CL4P/FR4G & D374 - traps, at least I’m hoping! They were created to do a job of hunting down information for this “Grand Archivist”. Fl4k is probably the most advanced technology!