The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

I’m non-binary. My friend is non-binary. I’m excited for non-binary Fl4k. And last night while fighting Craw, I accidentally said “I’m so excited for him”.

It happens. More than anything, what we want is people to care and think about this, I think.

More later, y’all


You know, folks would do a lot better here if they read and followed the forum rules that they agreed to when they signed up.

Could any regulars give me suggestions for a TLDR version? It seems they are too wordy for most folks.


Be kind, obey the purple.

HINT: Maybe relevant here. No popcorn required.

Details regarding flags and suspensions/bans will only be discussed with the affected member(s) and never in an open forum. Threads or posts created for the sole purpose of discussing moderation will result in suspensions. Additionally, any private messages w/ forum staff regarding flags/suspensions should be kept private. If you have a question regarding disciplinary action taken against another community member, you are free to reach out to that member directly.

Public or private disrespect, harassment, and/or disparaging comments toward moderators will not be tolerated on the forums and violators will receive suspensions depending on severity. Extreme cases may result in immediate and irreversible bans.


Basically inside this forum they/them. Outside whatever you want.

I will say though that its probably confusing to people to decipher the REAL terminology to use for some people when there’s conflicting dialogue when The Managing Producer of Narrative, Randy Varnell refers to FL4K in this in this as HE/HIM, people watching that that don’t know better will just go off what they’re hearing.


Being raised in the deep south, as a country boy, I gotta say this is some next level mind control.


we live in an era where there is no true war for the entire country to be focused on. We as a species seek confrontation through the very notion of solipsism and in order to understand ourselves and the world, we seek said confrontation. We seek to survive, and thrive, and, to a degree, become the apex predator, even if it has to be via an extension. We have very few fights to engage upon in the real world, so a lot of these people feel the need to confront others, however harmlessly, on the interwebs.

This game is about a group of mercenaries going into a hostile world, where people are “deranged” or “corrupt” or " feral." Yet, I don’t see a single person championing these people. the psychos, or the jack’s of the world. Why this one guy, why this issue exactly? I mean, if one were to zealously adhere to their faith, their belief in a social structure or the idea behind it more appropriately, they would be against the entire game as a whole. Warmongering; fighting for the pay, killing people whom are not like yourself, that’s at the heart of all these game’s. Doesn’t it seem like people playing a simulation of what it’s like to be, i dunno, in the middle east, or Africa?

I am a guy from the deep south, I’ve been trained to think the way I think and give respect to people whom give that respect. The means by which I give that is up to myself, and if other people en masse degrade myself in order to turn their own social agenda for said power, well, doesn’t that make the people doing the haranguing just as bad as the people they claim to not be.

AI is a political subject, as it is current world news and the path by which we move forward into the new era, the Anthropocene. This is political, and perhaps I have no say because I’m a straight white male from the south with older values and an older style of thinking, but perhaps, maybe this is just a little too silly of an article to focus on?

all I’m saying is this, if you want to champion a cause, and get riled up. use that energy for something constructive, go to a community center, donate blood, become active, and calmly, politely request the people whom speak to you to in a way that says you respect them and give you some of their hard earned life values.

we’re literally letting the world die, and literally thousands of people are on a forum arguing about a fictional character when they could be making the change they want to see but don’t know how to do so. That’s real respect, doing something. You will feel a million times better when you see the looks in people’s eyes that says Thank you more than the words.

Edit in: also, as a personage who is, nor professionally, a part of the mental health community, the word “They” it typically used as a reference to people with MPD, schizophrenia, or another form of dissociative identity disorder. so that’s super confusing.


Who exactly do you know who has been banned for using “him” to refer to FL4K? I mean, yes, we’re asking people not to do that on the forums. But as a point of actual fact, how many people have been banned for not knowing about the pronoun thing?

Hint: If you’re not sure of the answer, it is a number less than 1


In 30 minutes. I have had two posts flagged as offensive. does that say something about what’s going on? exclusivity, doctored replies, groupthink, collectivism taken too far? I don’t know. This is troubling.


What’s happening is that for 4? days this place has been dealing with a ton of folks rocking up here after having been fed a load of poor and inaccurate info. They read or watched thing that said gearbox were banning folks for misgendering Flak.

As was mentioned above: this is untrue.

But still folks are coming here, and either outright shitposting ‘LOL FLAK IS A COOL GUY LOL NAZIS BAN ME LOL’ or trying to argue that;

They are being oppressed

Their free speech is being attacked

That non-binary people don’t really exist

That anyone who cares about pronouns is a fool

That gearbox are Marxists

And that gearbox should respect these beliefs but not those of non-binary people.

Etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

We’ve tried our best to set people straight. Over and over.

Please: read the forum rules, then at least some of this thread.


Yes, the vast socialist collective has sent signals of mind control so strong they have forced people to come to this board and post against their will…They certainly had no choice in the matter or no other Borderlands message board to rant against the growing Red Menace of Acronyms and Pronouns…

Or…just maybe, it’s that long time users and moderators who actually use this forum are tired of people making accounts for the sole purpose to inflame an issue that has been discussed to death in the 1500 posts above (with respectful and civil posts from people on both sides of the issue)…


My question is this.

Please define " Set People Straight?"

this is the one detail I have not seen thus far. a true definition, a “ground rules” for a debate. as is shown. instead. I have seen a moderator simply be a part of the argument, not a moderator of, there are tons of comments and statements, but not questions relating to a serious set of ground rules relating to a political discussion, which this very much is.

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As PH set out in his post: in some cases correct the factual record over false claims being propagated beyond these forums; in other cases, deal with inappropriate posts designed more to inflame or insult others rather than contribute to reasoned debate.

Those are in the COMMUNITY GUIDELINES and FORUM RULES that every user is expected to read when they first sign up.

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thank you for the first section response.

Regarding the second matter: a moderator has stated, in general, that people have come here to cause havoc, these people, in turn have caused pressure and when a person is in a position of authority, they need to take the situation at hand into account, not the current rules and getting angry, which is personalizing an issue, when someone does not “obey.”

take the situation as it comes, set some ground rules. adapt with the environment as people in the"sjw" ( i don’t actually know a name for these very specific people so I call em what i’ve learned, and this is how I am going to refer to them because that is what I have learned and already committed to memory) community are telling the rest of the world. since you have, as a collective, decided that is your political stance. Stand by it, or take a more aloof stance as moderators with the only goal of peacekeeping.

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PsychichazardCheersploding as I type!


Did you read the forum rules?

I guess not. Go read them, and you’ll understand a little better why i did what i did.

this is exactly the kind of personalizing I am referring to. very nonchalant, “not my problem” kind of phrasing. you are in a very delicate position, and the effects of a few words can do a lot of damage to the game, it’s PR, the people working on it, and the people behind it.

I am not seeking to make a mockery of anyone, if I did it would be on a stage, but we are discussing not just a character in this forum, we are discussing the very notion of communication, and that, in and of itself, is more important than the character and it’s personalized identity in a world where the vast majority of people simply do not think that way. Yes the world may be coming to that line of thinking more, but this character… he just got put into the crosshairs of a much, much bigger issue. world wide as a matter of fact.









Which is exactly what we have been doing. Seriously. If we’d been acting out of anger, this thread would have been permanently closed 3 days ago.


Would it help if I closed the thread for 10 minutes, giving you time to read them, and then reopened it?

Could you all manage to resist the urge to post for that long and read the rules instead?

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Everyone read them? All clear about the rules? Any queries, comments about moderation will be answered if you pm us, or request a chat if you can’t pm