The Flak over Fl4k and what it cost

Nonbinary is a pretty big umbrella term which can include stuff like both genders, neither gender, third gender, all that.

I’ve been avoiding gameplay videos mostly trying to avoid spoilers so I haven’t heard a lot of their dialogue yet. But note the pink dog dish they carry and their kinda adorable class mods.

Having people be like “oh you look/sound like [insert gender] so you must be that gender” hits VERY close to home.

I’m actually really psyched about NB rep that isn’t like a perfectly crafted 50/50 blend of things considered male/female because oh my god it’s actually like ridiculously hard to craft an appearance that will get read as nonbinary by most other people IRL and I don’t wanna have to feel like a nonbinary identity is only gonna get accepted if you can do that.


The pink dog dish I think has more to do with a humor approach, like having a voracious dire wolf as a pet and naming it “mitttens…” The idea of any of his pets eating from a pink dog dish, invokes humor.

As for the class mods, I haven’t seen anything that makes them particularly “adorable” vs any other class mods.

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I wrote that in my first post. And I
Also never said I wasn’t excited about something I said it could of been done to actually give meaning behind it not a double entendre since they’re literally non binary computer programmed. If that’s the avenue to get behind that would tell me that NB representation is an AI - a robot built to mimic human behavior- turned thirsty for murder- disconnected from humans and only connects with the primal (meaning either relating to an early stage in development or meaning first in importance hence why FL4K is the alpha) wisdom of animals. Makes the argument hard to understand legitimately, when it’s not a human. Besides caring only for their 3 animals and hunting everything else across the stars, makes it hard to relate to besides a pin on a jacket. Like most others said the real fear is that it was shoehorned in there as a nod to people who’d get the reference / joke. Only thing possible is that it’s robot non-binary; made with a different intention then became human like after being exposed to terrible human behavior and like in DBH the Android (in that case aka FL4K with out skin hence the clothes to blend in with humans) was probably put in a position where they had to make a choice to stay a robot within their program or become deviant (going outside your binary program, which is seen as a software instability)

Could we possibly try to keep the lore theory-crafting and background speculation to another thread, please?


Hahahaha, made me laugh, realdoll I’m familar with. They explain how their business model has changed with society and more so in the past 10-15 years. I’d love to see some of the requests that come in to be filled!

First off this is just an opinion but something i feel needs to be said because honestly personally i feel alot of the non-binary community is pushy and kind of mean about it.

The thing is what if you don’t believe in it? you’ll force it on others? that’s like shoving religion down someone’s throat. People can call themselves whatever they want and think they are whatever they want. but you can’t force others to think it too. not trying to come off as offensive or anything, but imo this is why people don’t, if you force it people won’t agree. you have to let things happen naturally, sure it takes time but that’s everything. everything takes time it may not even be in your lifetime but if you just treat people kindly and don’t yell at them over “misgendering” you. maybe change can happen.

funny enough read this while watching accelerator.

I’m not completely sure that there’s a ‘belief’ at stake here - is it believing that non-binary people exist? That they deserve to be treated with respect? Believing that Fl4k is non-binary?

But even if there is, I don’t think asking people to use a preferred pronoun is forcing that on someone. To use your religious example. If I visit a mosque, I’ll cover my head out of respect to Islamic custom. That doesn’t mean I’m being pressured to convert. It’s just being sensitive to context and respectful of rules regarding outward conduct.

I will also point out that there are lots of non-binary people in this thread and I haven’t noticed any behaviour I’d call mean or particularly pushy. The majority of posts that have had to be flagged have been from people arguing against the rule.



Probably wise :stuck_out_tongue:

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for one the comparison is of ideals, the non-binary is an ideal as is religion. it would be like telling someone they have to only address my God as God and no other. to tell people they must refer to you as they or them when you don’t believe in that ideal.
I considered the on in particular i replied to as pushy in saying that the reason behind misgendering is not believing and being upset that people don’t believe in your ideal. in my opinion personally to act like everyone should believe is pushy.
also calling people who dont believe “foolish”.

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The religious stand point is actually great. Look at the imagery being portrayed in the new cover art with the psycho and the whole honor thy father aspect of the calypso twins. If FL4K is an AI it’s more than likely the first of their kind and inspiration to build other robots after, in this retrospect, FL4K would/could be a GOD This is interesting and FL4K speaks of the “scrolls of the talos empire” which could be a nerdy wink at dungeon and dragons or elder scrolls or since given a lot of “God” / religious themes - Greek mythology, Talos was an Automaton made of bronze made to protect, from the Age of Bronze, a survivor of a brazen race sprang to life by ash tree Nymphs.

lol bringing up automatons and DnD makes me think of the unexpectables

Gotta think of all the possibilities! They’re endless with this one! That’s Why I love FL4K, like zer0 no one knows what they are or their story yet, it’s fun love to speculate, cmon!

ya, i just get a bit of anxiety over companies pushing ideals too far and forcing people to conform to them. I also feel if you play a character in an rpg you should be allowed to call it whatever you want cuz it is your character at that point not theirs. writers need to learn to let go of them, if they want them unchanged keep them to themselves. fanfics exist, fanart exists, etc. once you release your creation into the wild it becomes what its reader, viewer or player wants it to be
in the eye of the beholder.
(also id love to fight beholder robots)

YOOOO FL4K is all 4 of them!!! Big like a Borky barbarian, Greckles rogue/arcane trickster, panic magic & task - a hunter/solider.

We really nerding out here now!

I’m not sure where the ‘forcing people to conform’ is coming from? We’re asking people to use they/them pronoun while posting on the forums, yes. But no-one is making you do that in your private conversations or while co-oping with friends - this isn’t thought-control central here.

Which you are totally free to do so.


still dislike it but knowing its only in the forums is reassuring. hard to tell anymore as extreme as the world has been getting about this stuff lately

Exactly. There’s been so many times people I’ll play online randomly with get mad when you do refer to their character as their specific gender instead of them as the player. I don’t know how many times I’ve played with guys and say “alright girl let’s go” or “say she’s so pretty” in referencing Gaige or Maya and they’re like REEEE IM A BOY and I’m like ok ok but the character isn’t, chiillll it’s an rpg, get immersed into the character and game. They get personally offended that they think you’re calling them, the player a girl. Bonkers. When people do that to me and don’t call me by MY characters actual gender and call me hey MAN/BRO by what they hear in my voice not being a traditionally sounding girl aka what they think girls sound like type of voice and I correct them and say I’m a girl IN and OUT side the game, they lose their minds Bc if you don’t seem to adhere to what they know as either gender they cannot process or understand it.

personally i dont care either way. depends on if we are just goofing or actually rping tho too. havent played dnd in a long time and im usually the dm. but if your character you are rping feels that way ig its fine to have your character get upset. lol its just having fun anyway tho so… im a dude but i play female characters cuz i like to create a girl id like irl to be with. its fun creating dream girls