The Flakker "nerf" is a huge buff to Zane

I’ve mentioned this in passing but feel as if it deserve a topic entirely of its own because of the popularity of the gun and the severity of the backlash.

1.) Stop. Breathe. Think for a moment.
2.) The magazine size being reduced to 1/1 makes it perfect for activating Duct Tape Mod reliably instead of using One Pump Chump which sometimes didn’t consume ammo and required precision to be anything besides a 25% chance DTM roll or Hellwalker (this is a direct upgrade to Hellwalker now for this purpose).
3.) Flakker still does tons of damage and if I assume correctly, will apply Cold Bore to all of the projectiles spawned, since it is your ONE next shot.
4.) Scale aoe/splash/shotgun damage if you want your Flakker to be even more powerful.


I guess I’ll take all the Flakkers from the Moze crybabies…


For real, there were so many inadvertent Zane buffs in this patch and some intentional ones too.

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i for one am utterly excited to reach the damn weekend and then the boss says we have to do a meeting… on a damn saturday. fuark some guns needed so much toning down i love the changes, gotta go back do my sniper only playthrough now ;d

This might be a toning down for Moze, but it’s a buff for Zane

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i mean what they did with lyuda or cutsman or crossroads is no way a buff to zane :smiley: but nobody will even remember those “nerfs” in a week guns are still stupid strong there will maybe now be place for more variety in guns and nades in meta now, i am all for it and can not take to take my maggie for a spin finally after almost 2 months of sitting in the bank.


Yes, the other guns sure.

RIP my sweet prince Cutsman, but they weren’t without replacements. Decided randomly to use Westergun after going through my ~70 legendary guns trying to find ANYTHING I liked on Zane besides the regular OPs and it turns out its pretty good.

Westergun also has some insane cryo efficiency and alt firing element, so it should be a better single target gun than Cutsman all around.

Assuming Alchemist buff will be pretty big too with weird Transformer/Futility Belt/SUL synergies.

I’m most excited about Pain is Power buff.

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After the nerfs I was thinking of taking a break from the game, but will watch this post to see if there are reasonable alternatives. My whole kit was nerfed.

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The point of the thread is that you do not need alternatives… Not directed at you but in general: people should get their goddamn heads out of their asses and, as GimmickBuilds put it: Stop, breath, think. Nerfs are not all made equally. Some might be well tuned. Some might be too harsh. Some might be too little. Go in game, test the gun, actually try if its bad and then make a decision of what to think and not before.
The reaction to “nerfs” by gamers in general, not just in Borderlands 3, really ■■■■■■■ grinds my gears. It prevents Developers from doing their job just focussed on the goal of creating the most diverse set of roughly equal opportunities and instead makes them think about the childish (and I mean that quite literally) response of a large chunk of their players.


in absolute values? yes, okay but did u take it for a spin? does it still destroy the content? if it does maybe the damn fixes were justified


This was my very first thought after reading the patch notes too. :joy:

Monty’s wife don’t take no guff.


hell yeah destardly master race we are so good between duc unforgiven and maggie now unforgiven is tad too strong tho


Don’t take my unforgiven away :c

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I do love all three of those guns - fun times!

Though the slower fire rate on my Unforgiven means I haven’t been using it as much as the other two lately.

Might have to change that, as the Unforgiven is a beast. :+1:

i just hope in view of crossroad tone down people will pick up long musket and the bitch more.

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For the love of Borderlands, don’t tell GB this.

Next hotfix = remove Flakker from game.

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Pretty sure the game data will tell them more quickly than our forum posts, but its probably still worth getting everyone to type in camouflage. :joy:

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How does this help cold bore? Pretty sure cold bore triggers on weapon swap.

While you are right, OP talks about duct tape mod which has a C H A N C E to proc on the first shot of a magazine AND has an internal cooldown.
So I would not get too hyped up about the flakker nerf. It is very harsh and there is nothing good about it.