The flaw (IMHO) in hiding Command ranks

First of all, I do want to concede that command ranks are not a “perfect” way of determining ability. I got up to level 40-50 playing the story solo, and still think that my “ability” is still equivalent to 40-50

That being said, I think I am HUGELY more competent than a level 20-30, much less the “under 20’s” who just got the game the same weekend.

So yes while waiting for an opposing team, I add up my teams command scores.If the opposing team score outnumber my team by 100+ points, I dropped out during the character selection screen.

So yes, this new “system” is designed to combat specifically players like myself

But does it “stop” me? After all last night I had a Kleese player who kept charging the enemy sentry with no backup, and went on to have a 1 kill,11 deaths (with 4 assists)…And earlier I had a Miko who wasn’t as suicidal, didn’t heal anyone during the entire game, even if a nearly dead character was jumping in front of them, screaming over the mike for healing, the Miko just continued with shooting kunai the entire match

So the question is, does this system prevent me from quitting in the middle of a macth? And is that “better” than me quitting at the character selection screen?

If i quit early…well, it just takes two players quitting to go back to the matchmaking (ha) screen, and maybe two or three minutes are wasted…However if it takes me ten minutes to realize that kleese/Miko player is an idiot chances are your already 10-15 minutes into the game…and that poor guy who was begging Miko for healing probably could have saved his blood pressure, and probably some nasty post game messages

This is still Gearbox’s fault. I still don’t see why it is so hard to “shuffle” players so teams will have a comparable command rank. Currently I am still dropping out of matches if a player dosen’t have a “title” or “skin”…but it still didn’t save me from that stupid Kleese or Miko

(small edit: beyond concerns of just “winning” the game, knowing if there is a command rank advantage/disadvantage was a way I could tell if it was “safe” for me to use a charcater i am inexpierienced with, or having difficulty with lore challenges such as Toby or Pheobe, or if I should play it safe and use my higher ranked characters such as El Dragon or ISSC)

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