The flaws in this game are really starting to show

I don’t want to make this long so I’m just going to get to the point. The issues that need to be changed or people will get sick of it and move on to other games.

  1. The bank space. It’s ungodly bad. How are you going go on and on about the billions of guns in the game and then think that we wouldn’t need the space to hold all these options.

  2. The whole buff/debuff system need a complete rework. There needs to be a set number of buffs and debuffs that we can expect. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be randomize but there should be a consistent number of both that are randomize. You have buff/debuff that literately just cancel each other out. Also the whole grouping a bunch of guns to be debuffed, pick one gun type and that’s it, It will change peoples load-outs up but not force them to just use two gun types or even one. The over all elemental resists is also just lazy and not fun, like the guns just pick one element to debuff.

3.The hard hitting nerfs are not a smart move and are just going to make people mad and get bord quicker because they can’t play how they enjoy. The right move is just bringing weaker things up. I don’t mean not fixing obviously broken things (Pipe Bomb) but the Jacob’s/Torgue pistol nerfs where just not at all needed or wanted, along with how hard you hit FL4K. Fl4k was a bit to much but you just freaked out and nerfed the crap out of him and didn’t bring up any of his other skills to compensate or allow for alternate strong end game builds. The exact same goes for King/Queen’s call.

  1. Please fix the writing with future dlc’s. There’s already so much out there about how bad and unlikable the story was i don’t need to say more.

That isn’t everything but this is just a few thing i haven’t seen really addressed or flaws i see really killing the player-base if continued. I know all the overly obnoxious fan boy 's will just get mad at this but hopefully you can see this and take something positive from it. I really do love the game but with these major flaws it’s becoming more and more enjoyable.


Mr Torque approves of this thread :+1:


Mind you along with the first quick update and 3 hotfixes. They are currently working on these issues and from what they said there would be a bigger patch coming in the next few weeks. It takes time. I mean if I were one of the QA testers I would not have thought anything g was wrong with the bank at all since I havent lost anything yet. I left some stuff in there to see if it would happen and it has not happened to me yet.

I’ve been in online coop. Offline coop. online splitscreen. It’s honestly random. Many people have done these and it happened. I’ve done all three and it hasn’t

None of that is at all what i said in this post. I know all about the fixes they have addressed and also am fully aware that it takes time. The need for a lot of bank space is common sense stuff, really now…


If you lose all your bank items you have plenty of space it’s called bank refresh

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Lmao not a fix bud.

It was more of a joke then anything

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I figured.

It’s a shame the bank isn’t FDIC insured.


Thatd be too much work to implement that lol

“Rebalancing” should have come AFTER fixing the lag. On Xbox one, seperate consoles, great connection I freeze, then teleport, usually up to enemies tje game says shot me already. Between that and the God-awful menu lag it’s hard to understand why OP skills were the target when the game is at times unplayable.

Also, my wife hates the enemies being trickle-fed into encounters. You kill the baddies, move up to collect loot, only for 7 more guys to walk out. CC skills/cover exist for a reason, let us kill more than 5 dudes at once. If an area has max 20-something, spawn them. She uses her mech, it goes on cooldown, only to have ANOTHER wave appear behind her. No tactics get used, it becomes run and gun.

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Thank god they dont spawn all at once. It would WAY too easy for a lot of builds.

LMAO “bank refresh”

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…ah, what do you mean here?..exactly?..cause I think you made a teeny tiny mistake and meant to say…more and more less enjoyable. Please correct me if I got it rong…er…rhong,…ah, wrong, yeah that’s it, wrong. :grin: