The food thread

Since we have this nice beverages Thread:

I think It would be nice to have a food thread to talk about all food related stuff so I created this.

Christmas is near so I will go to the grocery store and buy some supplies to bake cookies :slight_smile:
I will post how they turned out later

You got my approval!

Well, where to start?
I love asian dishes, though I can be picky about ingredients (don’t like tomatoes for instance). But one thing which I allow you to wake me up with at 2am is a traditional dutch dish calle ‘boerenkool’ (Farmers Salad or something like that).

Köttbullemacka med rödbetsallad aka Meatball sandwich with beetroot salad

Humble. Spaghetti with salsa. Being in the borderlands (I’m from 15kms away from the border with Bolivia) it’s quite expensive.

Wake me up anytime for a calzone. Or any rolled pizza item. Hot pockets, pizza rolls, pizza chimichanga…

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I like the way you think.

We once made sloppy Joe bites. Take sloppy Joe, put it in pizza dough with some cheddar, wrap it up and pinch it closed, and deep fry. Holy ■■■■.

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It’s a nuke for your blood vessels hahahahahahaha.

But a delicious nuke…

Yeah, I figured out that. I’d add some mashed avocado and some mayo. That’d be a Norfleet for our heart hahahaha,

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no avocado, and fried mayo? ehhh

Actually, I wouldn’t fry it.

If you mix a nice piece of MEAT, some cheese, mashed avocado and mayo…you can get this:

DAMN, that’s good stuff.

^ Nah, I’ll stick to the old fashioned sandwich.

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That burger looks like a cow dropped its cud in it.

I just don’t get the love for avacado.

Today’s sandwich here is fried ham, Swiss cheese, onion, and a fried egg between two potato pancakes.

From both ends of the stomach.

Can’t say I like the look of that guacamole.

I had a beef enchilada for lunch today, with potato wedges, salad cream and salad with vinaigrette. 'Scuse my language but it was bloody lovely.

That’s not Guacamole. It’s mashed avocado…well, I’ve figured out that the Barros Luco con Palta isn’t quite nice your stomachs (I DO LOVE IT)… What do you think about this one?

Down here we are quite fans of avocado. We have bread with avocado, completos (kind of hot-dog) with avocado, avocado ice cream and ALL THINGS AVOCADO. Some kind of Avocadoinception hahaha

Too much green. Not enough beef and bacon.

guacomole IS mashed avocado

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