The Founder's Crown

I really love this crown, Any chances that you can be able to use it when you have the Founder’s title equiped? It look’s like you can only wear it when you have the Shards Of Souls equiped in you’re gear. In my opinion it would be better to have the crown equiped when you have the title so you can have a gear in you’re loadout other than having to have the Shards Of Souls. Why do we have to have the Shards Of Souls equiped in gear to be able to have the crown?

Mhh, I have no clear answer to that, but in my opinion a 0-cost ShardGen alone is worth wearing the thing. The crown is a big plus too, but as fan of Shard-Gens - every loadout of mine has one - I´m exstatically happy with the Shard of Solus. It brought down my gearcosts alot :heart:

Another reason might be mechanics. A title belongs to the playeraccount, while gear is equipped at certain characters within match. Could be that it´s simply not possible to attach Flair on titles, but I´m no programmer, so I don´t know…

Imo I´d like the Flair more to work like skins & taunts. Equip on the same screen, set favourites and choose them like skins before the match starts. That would be amazing!


Because it is flair tied to the SOS.

Some people have shown a bit of interest in FLAIR being implemented in a different manner. Only time will tell what happens.

I personally don’t like the ■■■■■■■ iteration of the flair system; I like the idea of customization though.

I personally really like the Chefs hat. I wouldn’t mind a whole Premium line of different Chefs hats. (no, I’m not a Chef irl, nor a Mike/Whiskey main).


It DOES add a humorous… well, FLAIR, haha -to Orendi’s “I baked you some ***SCREECHING PAIN!!***” line…


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Yes, please!


so you want me to wear more?

That’s a great idea Ganjamira. It would be amazing to choose the Crown like the skin’s before the match starts. :smiley:

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