The Four Essential Builds

Well, I’m done.

Last night finished my fourth TVHM run. I’ve now got all four characters levels to 50 and run them all through TVHM to completion. I’ve done some farming and trading along the way, but mostly this has been my goal.

So…now the endgame begins.

My question to the group: What is the one essential build for each character? Put differently, what is the unique role that each is best at playing, and how best to outfit them for it? So Moze may be the best at crowd control/slaughter farming. But maybe FL4K is best at single bosses. And how do you build them for those roles?

Now that I’ve maxxed out each one I want to equip them to each be their best.

Moze actually has 2/3 builds
Either near infinite shields, or near infinite damage. also near infinite ammo, but I dont see that one as often.

Amara has a couple builds

FL4K still is mostly crit, but some people are branching out into rakk.

And I have seen quite a few Zane builds as well.

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Send Fl4k your big crit pistols/sniper rifles and radiation elemental weapons

Send Amara your weapons that deal predominantly in Fire/Corrosive/Shock elemental and melee stuff

Send Moze your high RoF weapons and grenades

Send Zane your cryo weapons and whatever is left.

There are 100’s of ways to play each character, there is no essential build in the game.

Play what looks the most fun to you

I’m using a near infinite ammo moze and I still hit super hard. I absolutely love moze because of this build. Having 109 magazine in a Lucians call is just silly. I think my rowans has 43 I think. Lyuda has 19 mag size and cuttsman 43. Ammo regen is insane! It more than doubles mag size effectively. I usually run fire/corrosive/shock and use the old school weapon swap controller layout. As long as I’m matching elements it’s melt. It may not be the most powerful build out there but for me it suits my play style and I don’t struggle at all. I’d say experiment because my best/favorite build may not be yours but it’s all about fiddling around to make one fit your play style. My only gripe is Mozes’ action skill is terrible and I almost never use it unless for a clutch near death situation.

Geared/Skilled correctly, Moze is virtually invincible and can output obscene DPS/AoE.

I have seen many different variations of builds for each VH in TVHM M3. Several for mobbing and several for each unique boss.

Currently there isn’t an essential build because the game isn’t broken balance wise like BL2 was due to poor scaling and number bloat. There are a few builds out there primarily centered around trying to min max damage output. Some of these though are so heavily focused they run into issues with Mayhem mode if a specific modifier appears.

From my experience and friends’ that I play with, here’s what I’ve deduced so far:

  • Moze has the two best builds in the game. Regardless of the enemy she produces the most damage by far. There’s one build that you can stack a melee effect and get essentially unlimited damage boosts.

  • Amara is the best all around character. She has builds for mobbing and for bosses which are all extremely good. The best builds for her utilize her effectiveness with elemental damage.

  • Fl4k is amazing for bosses with his crit build, not so much for mobbing.

  • Zane doesn’t outshine the other characters in really any aspect of the game, but he’s probably the most fluid and malleable character right now. You can make good builds for mobbing, bosses, outright speed, infinite grenades, and durability. Since I main Zane I can say with certainty that the best build I’ve used so far is the cryo build.

I run multiple characters (each with their respective skill allotments), and gear them up to match. It’s rare that a character has one single build that I use (I really only had this with Aurelia; I had no interest in the third co-op tree, and there are enough points to comfortably fill out the other two for me). I can’t speak to BL3 this way, as I’m only a couple characters into the game. I want to rock some allegiance, but I don’t think I can comfortably segregate the gear forthis, so I’ll just divvy up the loot based on their build(s). If I was doing time trials for raiding, speedruns, or was interested in one-shotting everything, I’d be searching for this one true build, but I don’t play like that.

This guy Borderlands.

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