The Fourth Annual "UNOFFICIAL" Hunt 2021

              Welcome Vault Hunters both old and new!!!

It’s finally that time again, who remembers the Loot Hunts of years past on BL2, well now it is time to take on the gauntlet that is BL3, so who’s interested in taking on this 2-month long hunt. I know I am.

We will be competing for nothing more that the ultimate bragging rights of being one of the best Vault Hunters. We will be playing by the classic of the honor system as we always have in the unofficial hunt, using uploaded pictures.

As it has always been this is a much more laid back event just for some fun, opposed to the highly competitive Official Hunt taking place as well.

The Unofficial Hunt 2021 begins on March 1st @ 12:00AM ET / 05:00AM GMT and ends on May 1st @ 12:00AM ET / 05:00AM GMT


If that’s what you’re looking for or interested in, then follow this link here and good luck to you.


I do appologise for this part being so long but there needed to be more rules that past hunts due to new features in BL3, aswell as some things not being as rare as the used to be * cough * world drops and vendor items * cough *, so without further ado, i give you the rules.

The Unofficial Hunt 2021 official rule set (The Unofficial Hunt 2021 begins on March 1st @ 12:00AM ET / 05:00AM GMT and ends on May 1st @ 12:00AM ET / 05:00AM GMT)

- Co-Op regulations are as follows:

  • Co-Op play is encouraged. If a drop is found during a playthrough in coopetition mode with multiple participants (loot instance: OFF), only ONE (1) screenshot is needed; please make sure to put the names of your co-op partners in the post.

  • If you are playing in cooperation mode (loot instance: ON), a drop only counts for the player who got the drop.

  • Utilizing co-op with others playing as perfectly geared characters using mods is explicitly NOT ALLOWED.

  • You may farm with friends up to the max party size (The Host + 3 Players). Each player must be the same level or two levels below/above (+/- 2) the host of the game.

Rules for all players:

  • If you are competing, you must post pictures of your progression and drops. To have proof of a drop, you must look at the item so you can see the item card pop up and screenshot it. If an item drops out of bounds and you cannot see the item card, it will have to be refarmed. The drops will consist of the base game and all DLCs.

  • You MUST create a new character from level 1 and utilize only that character for the duration of the competition.

    • You will only be allowed to use this character for the duration of the event. You must also select normal difficulty. Do not select easier difficulty.
  • No guardian rank for those competing

    • Please DISABLE guardian rank to keep everyone on the same footing during the competition. This includes all bonus stats and guardian perks. If you are not competing and are doing the Hunt for fun, you may use guardian rank.
  • The lost loot machine CANNOT be used for the Hunt 2021. The reason for this is that you wont know if the drops are from the source or a world drop.

  • You MUST complete Divine Retribution on Normal Vault Hunter Mode

    • We are requiring that everyone completes the first playthrough up to the final mission Divine Retribution before the end of the competition.
  • Only (1) item per slot. No duplicate items for points

    • Each item can be redeemed only once and you cannot farm the same item for multiple iterations of points. Once you have it, you have it.
  • Once you begin mayhem levels, you CANNOT revert back to non-mayhem levels

    • Once mayhem mode is activated, you may not turn off mayhem levels. When you start mayhem 1-10, you are restricted to stay in mayhem levels.
      *This means that you are allowed to use mayhem 10 gear on mayhem 1 for speed farming if you would like. *
  • NO golden key items

  • NO read only/dashboard farming

  • NO super deluxe edition bonus items

  • ECHOcast events must be DIASABLED

  • Science boosters from Sanctuary are BANNED

  • Your bank can be used

    • You can use your bank, but only items earned on your hunt character can be taken out. You cannot pass items to your hunt character from other characters using the bank.
  • Mailed items rules

    • You CANNOT use mailed items sent from people on your friends list or items you won from a loot chest or extraction event. However, you can use mailed items that NPCs or manufacturers send after completing challenges (Ex. 100 kills with Jakobs weapons, finish crew challenges, etc)
      *You may count the Baby Maker and Lyuda for points in your mail if you receive them through the challenges. *
  • All items in the Lilith chest after beating the story counts for points

    • Beating the story should be rewarding. All items you find in the Lilith chest can be redeemed for points.
  • All items in the Jackbot loot room in the Handsome Jackpot DLC count for points

    • All items you find in the Jackbot loot room can be redeemed for points. This only applies to your first run through it on the DLC story mission.
  • All items in the bank chests/lockers in the Bounty of Blood DLC count for points

    • All items you find in the bank chests/lockers can be redeemed for points. However, since the lockers are bugged and respawn after a save/quit, you cannot save/quit to refarm the lockers. The first roll is what you get.
  • All items in the Vaulthalla loot room in the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC count for points (The hidden back room counts too!)

    • All items you find in the Vaulthalla loot room can be redeemed for points. This only applies to your first run through it on the DLC story mission.
  • Mayhem exclusive items that drop during the Maliwan/Guardian takedown count for points.

    • If you find any mayhem exclusive drops during the Maliwan/Guardian takedown, those items will count for points.
  • ONLY ONE world drop of your choosing is allowed to be redeemed for points
    *A world drop is defined as a unique item that a specific enemy/boss normally doesn’t drop *

    • Since BL3 is very generous with the random legendary world drops, it would be against the spirit of the Hunt to farm one boss and rack up 300+ points in 20 minutes. To combat this, you can only redeem ONE random drop that you find for points. This means that if you find an item on this list by killing a random enemy, opening a chest, etc., you ARE allowed to count ONE item of your choosing towards your progress. You are allowed to pick up and use world drop items, but they just cannot all be counted for points.
      *The exceptions are the Arms Race DLC exclusive legendaries and anything marked as a world drop item from DLC 2. You can count all Arms Race exclusive legendaries for points if it world drops in Stormblind Complex and you do not need to extract it, just a picture of the item card will suffice. You may also count the Rocket Boots, Launch Pad, and Rowan’s Call for points if they world drop. This is because the bosses Red Rain and Blue Fire throw their loot out of bounds. *
  • Items from slot machines are NOT allowed for points (Not including if you choose 1 as your world drop for the run)

    • If you find any item on the list from the slot machines, you ARE NOT allowed to count this towards your progress. You can still use the legendary items you find from slot machines.
  • Items from vendors are NOT allowed for points (Not including if you choose 1 as your world drop for the run)

    • Finding legendaries in vendors are quite common now. Because of this, it would go against the spirit of the hunt to rack up a bunch of points vendor farming for 10 minutes. You can still use the legendaries from vendors. If you are going to count your 1 world drop legendary from a vendor, make sure you purchase the item for it to count.
  • Items from the Gun Gun are NOT allowed for points (Not including if you choose 1 as your world drop for the run)

    • The Gun Gun has an alternate firing mode to shoot out legendaries for 250 eridium. Again, this would rack up easy points in no time at all so this is also banned for points. You can still use legendaries obtained from the Gun Gun.
  • No mods or macros allowed

    • The competition will take place in vanilla Borderlands 3. The usage of any mods or macros are prohibited.

Classic hunt rules apply as far as exploits/glitches

Banned glitches/exploits

–Complex Root insane splash radius
– Teleporting vehicles during map transitions
– Instant gun reloading
– Pestilence flying
– Unlimited skill point stacking
– Pushing photo mode camera through walls
– Item duplication
– Refreshing the Vaulthalla armory by walking away and back
– Skipping Scourge the Invincible from teleporting the player away using Dakka Bear
– Using Dakka Bear to charge crystals in guardian takedown
– Any other obvious glitches/exploits not mentioned here

Exploits that are allowed (Agreed on by the community since they aren’t game breaking)

– Rocket jumping
– Grenade jumping
– Apply damage over time to self (Used for stacking Amara’s Mindfulness skill, activating elemental projector artifacts, activating Moze’s purple tree skills, etc)
– Resetting scraptrap spawns by walking in and out the arena
– Respawning Rampager by entering/exiting the vault
– Overlapping dialogue (Sometimes when you progress a mission fast, dialogue can overlap and skip mission objectives forward)
– Getting thrown out of Iron Bear to reset cooldown
– Canceling action skills by opening inventory on Zane
– Missing phasegrasp on purpose for Amara
– Out of bounds is allowed, but no walking through objects that look solid (No wall clipping in or out of bounds)

The Fun Part

You can keep track of your progress with the 2021 Hunt Checklist. The checklist is here:

I suggest to print a hard copy of the checklist to record your findings.

Please post your findings with a screenshot and place the appropriate point value next to it. Keep track of your points and I will tally them as well. At the end of the Hunt I will post the results.

**PM me or post here if you want to participate and I’ll add you to the spreadsheet. **









Unlike the official hunt, i will be adding DLC 2 items to this one

and if anyone has any queries or adjustment ideas about the rules just pm me and we will talk about it

Also who you going to be playing as im going to play as zane

Vault Hunters
  • Amara
  • Fl4k
  • Moze
  • Zane

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If you want to look fancy while streaming you can grab the Hunt 2021 merch. 100% of the profit will go to St Jude.

The Hunt 2021 Stream Overlay:

Good Luck to everyone who is participating!
Have Fun and Stay Healthy!


I put together an alternate list for the ‘official’ hunt that some may find useful. All drops are sorted by map/location/enemy. Little easier to follow as you’re playing through.

Printer friendly:

And a dark mode version if you want to use it online:


That is brilliant, might use that as my personal checklist for the hunt, are you going to be taking part at all


I’ll be running in the official one. I may jump in on this one too. Might as well right?


If you dont “finish” the main one then i can transfer your points over to this one to continue with if you wanted to do that

Plus I’m including dlc2

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Sure, go ahead and sign me up :smiley:


Awesome, I’ll add you to the spreadsheet tomorrow


Spread the word about this one if you can at all, would be nice to get a good group of people from the community involved in it

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Will do. Couple things to check in that loot list tho. Otto Idol was moved to Rachael the Anointed, Night Hawkin also drops from Rakkman, and Aurelia does not drop the Firestorm. Pulled from lootlemon, and testing myself right now. Trying to get those fixed on the official hunt, but no one is answering me, heh.


Cheers for the heads up, im still adjusting for dlc2 so will look into it and check the drops over the next few nights after work


ive made these changes now cheers for that @renfried, gonna combine your one into this main one as well by putting the % chances as i like that feature and maybe even what type of item it is, to help accommodate new players who may not know what the items are


Please add me to the list.

In BL2, most of my loot came from world drops, so I’ll have to pay more attention this time.

Plus, since I’m old and slow, I don’t get much done in a week, so two months is more my speed.

Oops, I see now that The Hunt 2021 is only 5 days!

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It’ll be great to have you along @rja , 2 months is more my speed aswell, I work 4days on then 4 days off now so I cant play if I’m working at all, the best way for the loot will be just to have the list open and then when you find a drop check the list, bitnof pain in the butt I know, but world drops are too common in bl3 for a hunt style run

Also @rja vote in the poll what hunter your going to use

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I haven’t decided yet. I’ll practice with different ones for a few weeks.

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Zane is my most played which is why im going with him, I know I can run the story fast that way

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I’m picking Moze so I can use Iron Bear to jump straight into Mayhem after the main story. Get some M10 stuff and go farm in M1


Moze was my 2nd choice, might have a run through with both just testing some things I have in mind ready for the hunt

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I would like to participate in this event. Picking Zane.