The Free to play Argument

Someone will probably tell me it’s already in a mass thread, but i have a different (than the previous posts I’ve read) angle to come at it with…

I’m sad that the player base is dying… i wish we’d just go free to play already. The game is more than worth the 10$ it cost on black Friday, but no one’s going to pay that for a game they weren’t already interested in… just make it free, it’s got the TRASH in-game store like a f2p already… just GO there already so we can have an actual player base and there will be a large enough user base that might want to actually purchase something from the store.

Fact, people who paid for your game already are NOT the demographic that’s interested in buying from your in-game store… the people who paid NOTHING for the game, but become interested in a few characters they like, and want to make them look cooler – THAT’s the demographic the garbage store appeals to. So GO F2P already and save the game from having 0 players guys!

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