The Frozen Tundra Zane Build

The must-haves on this build is a Cryo Crossroad SMG, Recurring Hex Cryo, Cold Warrior Class Mod (bonus to Synchronicity) and an Ice Breaker Artifact to boost damage against Frozen enemies and improve Cryo efficiency. Everything else is to your liking, especially when it comes to dealing with Anointed enemies and giving your Digi-Clone a decent weapon for Double Barrel (Double Agent capstone).


  • Crossroad SMG (Cryo) - primary damage dealer, insane crit and burst damage for freezing
  • Laser-Sploder Assault Rifle (Cryo) - I prefer this over Lucian’s Call, it’s like you’re Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin!
  • Flakker Shotgun - used against Anointed enemies
  • Scourge Rocket Launcher (Shock) - this is what the Digi-Clone will be using primarily, it shreds!
  • Frozen Heart Shield - Cryo nova explosions after shield depletion, and the Clone gets this too!
  • Recurring Hex (Cryo) - one of the best grenades and essential in creating our Frozen Tundra
  • Cold Warrior Class Mod (+2 Ready for Action, +3 Synchronicity)
  • Ice Breaker Artifact - bonus damage against frozen enemies and increased Cryo efficiency

Doubled Agent Tree:

  • Synchronicity (8/5): +32% gun damage per active action skill
  • Praemunitus (3/3): +25% magazine size for Zane and Digi-Clone
  • Donnybrook (5/5): +15% gun damage, 2.5% health regen for Zane and Digi-Clone (Kill Skill)
  • Fractal Frags (1/1): Clone spawns with grenade and drops a free grenade on death. Also, 30% chance for clone to throw another grenade on Kill Skill while still active.
  • Duct Tape Mod (5/5): Zane gets a 20% chance to throw a grenade from first shot fired
  • Binary System (Augment): Cryo nova every time Zane swaps with his clone
  • Schadenfreude (Augment): Shields restored +100% of Digi-Clone’s damage
  • Pocket Full of Grenades (3/3): Grenade regeneration 20% per second (Kill Skill)
  • Boom. Enhance. (1/1): Clone consumes up to 3 grenades for massive buffs
  • Trick of the Light (1/3): Only put 1 point in here to move down to the capstone
  • Double Barrel (1/1): Clone spawns and is equipped with Zane’s gun, +20% increased gun damage for Zane and clone every time they swap

Under Cover Tree:

  • Adrenaline (5/5): Up to +35% action skill cool down rate based on amount of shields
  • Ready for Action (7/5): +42% shield recharge rate, -36% shield recharge delay
  • Brain Freeze (5/5): +20% chance to slow enemies on crits until they freeze
  • Rise to the Occasion (3/5): +3% health regeneration per second
  • Confident Competence (1/1): Gun damage up to +20%, and accuracy up to +33% based on amount of shields
  • All-Rounder (Augment): Dome shield, +20% cooldown
  • Deterrence Field (Augment): Shock damage and stagger enemies
  • Really Expensive Jacket (1/1): Status effect duration -50%
  • Refreshment (1/3): Life steal 8% of damage dealt
  • Calm, Cool, Collected (1/1): Action skill cooldown and duration immediately reset when freezing enemies while shields and health are full

Link to build:


what’s the difference to other cryo builds?

Not really sure how to answer that, since at the end of the day… you’re just freezing enemies so you can proc CCC. I guess it’s a variation of a Cryo build for Zane - you’re either doing Barrier + Clone or Barrier + Drone, there’s good synergy between those trees. I think this is a really good mobbing build in general, and I don’t see many builds making use of Digi-Clone with Scourge and Frozen Heart (guaranteed freeze upon shield depletion regardless of enemy health). If I can find a Cryo Scourge, then this build would get even better.

I see, was genuinly interested if this build takes a different approach compared to all the cryo barrier/clone builds out there.
Would probably play this more or try your build, but not as long as visuals are so distorted with the barrier. Do you reroll - cryo / -70% shield regen maps?

Absolutely. I always try to roll neutral modifiers on Mayhem 3 (not too stacked against me, yet at the same time ones that don’t give me huge benefits against the AI).

Good usage of Frozen heart shield.

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I use this build other than the frozen heart build and a few other choice weapons. I basically Through out my electric barrier, stick my clone in it. Stay next too him and we clear the wave back to back. I give him a cryo gun so the clone can manage his own duration lol

i can send cryo scourge over but tbh it is not as good as you might think since first line of hp is always shield hp on enemies.

I got a Cryo Scourge and tested it out a couple of days, and I agree - it isn’t as good. Radiation or Corrosive is better, but I’ve been using the SkekSil with the Clone lately and it’s amazing with it.

What tyoe of skelsil? I have been trying to make a cryo Zane but rng has not been kind.