The Future of battleborn (views from the dedicated)

There’s a lot of confusion, ignorance, and fear around Battleborn’s potential future, so as a competitive player, early access member, and streamer, I want to bring my opinion as to what I feel needs to happen if Battleborn is going to succeed. A disclaimer that I intend not to point fingers at anyone specifically in regards to any of these topics, rather that I want to make better known their presence so we, as a community, can be more adamant about them.

Competitive Play: Earlier today our first community run tournament ended. It had an amazing grand finals and dedicated people running it, with a whopping 25ish teams signed up for it. This afternoon at check-in time, we ended up with 5. Wow. The point here is that an 80% no-show rate is unbelievable, and usually means there’s simply not enough interest in the game competitively. Solutions? A spectator feature, a ranked mode, general game fixes…a lot ties into this, and I could go on forever, but the point here is that competitively, the game isn’t drawing enough appeal yet.

Pricing: I’m no marketing pro, but I’ve heard a lot about how this game would’ve done better at $40 to compete with Overwatch or other things of the like, and it seems that 2K may be thinking the same now, seeing the Digital Deluxe at $45 on GMG (expired) and the normal game for $36 on steam. The point, however, focuses more on the DLC. It’s very disheartening to be able to compare Gearbox with Ubisoft, seeing seemingly “free DLC heroes” having a huge in-game currency price, effectively putting a (small) pay wall in between season pass holders and those who don’t have one. My main problem here is how much they stress the idea of free, even though someone in that situation is pretty much forced to pick between being able to play a new hero or buying loot packs.

Hero Balance: In the Early Access, I was very understanding about hero balance, whether it be the birth of the then OP Gal-Ambra, El Dragon, or etc. However, after some of those heroes weren’t put in place when open beta rolled around, I crossed a strike off in my head. Then the open beta patch happened, and heroes like Gal-Ambra still weren’t nerfed enough. Now we’re seeing seemingly forced numbers-only nerfs with Battleplans, the most prominent being the decision to nerf ISIC’s tankiness instead of his real problems, the reflect and insane damage plus slow, and most recent being the release of Alani (Yes, she’s OP, this is not what the thread is focused on); and even though I am more understanding because this is their first hero being released, the consistent problem with being able to even balance single characters effectively is very, very worrying (i.e. Galilea can still dominate and shred with her Level 5 attack speed mutation).
So okay…what do we do next? Give up? Complain more, as we have been? No! I think we need to, like I said before, be more adamant about this. Asking Gearbox for this and that isn’t gonna be enough to save this game, we need a two-way street.
Get hyped about competitive play, do it with your friends just cause!
2K/GBX needs to shape up with their choices on pricing. Figure it out, now or never, both for the game and the DLC!
Be better about balance, both as a community and a dev team – another new, ridiculously strong or weak hero could be the last straw.
Would love to hear your thoughts, bottom line, I didn’t make this post to discourage us. Let’s get involved and #BelieveInBattleborn !!


(I am not the original poster of this, but its important that Gearbox/ 2k listen to their community)
(also since im not the original creator I wont be replying to comments)


id love to see battleborn start to take a turn to competitive (as a former competitive player that is) but it needs to work on balance more than anything to make it work

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Many ideas to change have already been made and almost all have been ignored
(until they finally saw where it leads and lowered the price)
and by now I think its already to late.

All who still like the game play to the end or sit in this forum,
all who don’t like the game already have overwatch and will never buy it
and all who where in between have been scared of by now and will only return if they see a huge update and wont have to wait for 10 min on the one testgame that they might make.
And Im sure gearbox will not mange to get both of these things, Pc is just abandoned and all support will try to hold the ps4 players.

Agreed. A lot of people here are going to tell you to just buy whatever DLC is out, but that’s something that someone invested in the game won’t mind doing. Someone who is just getting into things is much less likely to hand over money for the base game and DLC just to remain on the same playing field, which leads to interested parties not getting the game to begin with.

And if you want people to play this game dont hate on the new players that come in and don’t do very well n cause your team to lose. I was in a game last night n there was a lvl 65 just bashing a guy who was lvl 2 on incursion (which is probably the hardest game mode to figure out what is happening at first) so i sent the lvl 2 a friend request and played a few games with him n gave him some tips on how to deal with certain characters and what to watch out for n that sort of thing. I’m not sayin I’m great at the game but you don’t have to be to help new players understand what’s goin on bc it is alot to take in at first for non MOBA players like myself…sorry started ranting a lil bit the point is if you want the player base and this game to grow help out new players bc if they see nice ppl playin the game they are more likely to stick around during the low lvls where its difficult

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