The future of Duke Nukem

A lot of titles from the 90’s are making their comeback. DOOM, Shadow Warrior, Half-Life VR, Resident Evil, even Blood: Fresh Supply made a return. I’m sitting here asking “What about Duke Nukem?” Is Duke still fighting against the ghosts of his past? Is Gearbox reluctant because of it?

I don’t want Gearbox to sell the Duke licence because I feel they haven’t used it in their full potential and it would seem unfair. Duke3D World Tour was building off what was Duke3D, Bulletstorm Duke Nukem’s Tour was to promote the Full Clip Edition, and Duke Nukem forever was was already 75% completed when they picked it up; Gearbox hasn’t made a Duke Nukem game they could call their own, and I would be hyped to see what Gearbox can do with Duke Nukem at their full potential.

A scary thought that maybe Gearbox doesn’t care about Duke Nukem. Because if they cared, they would have fixed up some of the problems World Tour had. If they cared, maybe they could have gave Duke Nukem more exposure, like adding him as a playable character of Borderlands 3 and have his own game already. Do they hate Duke Nukem for spending them millions to save him from development hell, then having a lawsuit against them, then getting all the blame for the failure of Duke Nukem Forever? DNF would never live up to the expectations anyways. I still love the game though, I still play online once in a while. That’s said, they allowed Duke Nukem to appear in 3D Realms’ Rad Rodgers, wished they done more of this though. I’m sure a lot of smaller studios would be interested.

Duke Nukem Forever leaks? Even if they are true I can see why Gearbox is against the idea of releasing them. Duke Nukem Forever, 12 long years and a lot of people worked for it expecting money. If Gearbox released them, they would have all these people knocking on their front doors asking for their share, just like Bobby Prince filing a lawsuit for some music he made for Duke3D. Would it be even worth the trouble? Snipbits of a ‘game’ where the community can surely turn it to something awesome. But again, people would want their share regardless if the game was for free or not, so I’d say just keep it stashed away Forever.

What is next? I would want Gearbox to make full use of the Duke Nukem licence; make a full fludge game they can call it their own, lend it to smaller studios that look promising, add him in Borderlands 3. Just do something I guess.