The Future of our beloved Heroes

So as we all know, Beatrix is the last DLC hero and some of us are amped, but what I want to ask is will she be the “Final” hero in Battleborn. After her release will there be “No More Heroes” (bonus points if you get that reference :grin:) in BB or will there be at least a few more coming next year, I wanna know because I want more beautiful creations from GBX! It would also be cool if they let the community make heroes for them ya know? Like if they held a contest for the best hero concepts, then they pick 5 and they get to be in the game sighs I hope that happens…but anyway what do y’all think? Is Beatrix the final hero or will we actually see Nova in the next batch?

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The heroes after Beatrix is released will be the fans who see Battleborn through to the end.


I get the reference
It’s a song by Slash and Myles Kennedy…right?
That’s the reference?

Also back in high school my friend Travis was a star for a week as he scored the winning Touchdown once.

As for the topic at hand, you never know. There could always be more one day


I highly doubt there will be more characters past the last dlc. Gearbox does have to focus on their upcoming Nuke game after all.

Let’s hope the Winter Update + Free Trial thing will make further development for this game financially viable. There is so much potential in this game, for more heroes, and more operations, it will hurt to see it go to waste.

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If Beatrix is really going to be the last BB then this game will die within the next 6 months on every platform.

I really hope that Beatrix won’t be the last Battleborn DLC as there is loads more that could be added as more content. For example, Empress Lenore, the Magna Carta and the Varelsi themselves, as their origins and reasons for taking all the stars are unknown. You could even make more story ops on some of the other character’s back stories too, like the evacuation of Menneck B with Ernest, Toby and Benedict or how Rath clashed with Rendain and started to hunt down each of the Blademasters. There’s still loads of unanswered lore questions that can be made into new and interesting things. I’m just throwing a few out there.

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I’m thinking more characters is unlikely. Especially ones like Lenore who are presumed dead (though it would be awesome, they’d have to add an extra 1,000 new lines for Ambra! >.<)

I would rather, after Beatrix is released just really focus down on perfecting the ones already released. Many of them go unsung outside of determined players who main them. 30 Characters played in 5v5 game modes amounts to 1/3 of the cast being used at all times (less if they’re duplicates) There is already plenty enough variety as of now.

If they continue development, I think more maps, game modes and especially Ops are the way to go. The world and lore around it is awesome, getting more of it would be fantastic!

Closing thoughts, do games like this (character based objective shooter/…(NOT A) moba) get sequels? If so, that’s where they can focus on a larger cast.


I’d LOVE to see a Battleborn 2, but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

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I asked this same question, and Randy Varnell told me that the inclusion of more characters will largely be dependent upon how much support the game gets once all possible content is out and they’ve polished the game as much as they could. I’m not so sure how this games sales and population will turn out once all this content has dropped, but for the time being, I think the 5 we’ve received so far will just have to do.

Of course, I’d love to see more; like a TRUE Jennerit tank or a dedicated UPR healer. The future will tell.

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As a poster above pointed out, Randy V said that it costs a great deal to develop a new character and that the game isn’t doing well enough to support that at the moment. It is unlikely that will change. I’d rather see them address current issues in the game and focus on making better OPS missions than keep jamming characters in (Kid Ultra, why? for example).

I can only see them releasing the planned content and stop after that. If the winter update and/or trial ends up boosting the playerbase, maybe. Battleborn isn’t as big as it should have been unfortunately, and for many reasons. More DLC after what is planned probably won’t even be possible. I’ve began to drift away from the game, as much as I’ve loved it, but I can’t find much incentive to come back. I haven’t been on the forums much but I’ve seen the typical “what’s up with the pubstomps?” or “how to deal with leavers/rage quitters?”. Some of these core issues are what drives new players away it seems. I’m just curious how long the new content and update will keep me hooked, or if I’ll just end up staying the night and leaving the next morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not purposely being negative, I don’t want to have to be. I feel honesty is what counts here, especially now.