The Future of PvP

It’s too early to tell if Battleborn will become a popular competitive game, but these are some thoughts to hopefully help guide it’s growth as a competitive game.

For Now:
–because it’s early in the game’s life, focus will likely be spent on bug fixing and related matters (which is definitely a good thing)
–isic shouldn’t be able to reflect turret damage. this can be fixed by having turrets deal damage with a beam like ambra’s staff. there can also be an exception to the skill where it won’t reflect turret damage.
–there is word of an exploit with marquis and word of shield pen not working as intended (both being worked on)

Here are some things to consider down the line, after all the major bugs,exploits,imbalances,etc are taken care of.

Moving Forward:

Too early for ranked matchmaking
–queue times need to be short in order to build a player base first. after there is a steady base, players should be willing to wait longer to queue up against a team of equal skill.

Gear needs to be normalized
–legendaries provide new and interesting effects that create counterplay and add strategy, so it would be nice to use them in competitive
–legendaries should scale with shard cost like other rarities. a 5% skill dmg legendary will cost 1800 to activate as will another version of the same legendary with 7% skill dmg. in this case, whomever has the higher stats has a clear advantage. a similar situation with epic rarity items is balanced by shard cost.

Drafting and loadout selection
–drafting can help balance by allowing your team to counter certain Battleborn with other Battleborn or with certain gear (ex: shield pen is useful against kleese and reyna, but not so against Eldrid Battleborn).
–in blind pick (no drafting of Battleborn) being able to choose a loadout at the start of the match instead of the Battleborn select screen will also help with counterplay. of course once you choose a loadout you’re stuck with it until the end of the match.


Battleborn helix
–it’s ok to have a middle mutation be “really good”
–most people will have main characters they play as, so it won’t take long to unlock mutations for their favorite Battleborn

Unlocking gear
–normalizing stats should take care of the stat incongruencies
–farming for the gear gives someone another reason to play the game
–legendary gear can be found in epic loot packs so gaining credits from matches is a substitute for campaign mode. unless there is no chance to get lore/boss specific legendaries. if so that could be changed to allow it.

Balancing is an issue in all games
–no game is ever perfectly balanced.
–there are ways other than changing character stats and abilities to balance a game
–map design plays a crucial role in balance (marquis exploit may have to do with this), so a simple map rework can do wonders for balance issues
–changing an aspect of the game can and will affect others indirectly (changing shield strength will affect the use of shield pen and change how valuable reyna, kleese, and miko are as supports)
–balancing takes time, so be patient
–mistakes will only help reach a perfect (or near perfect) balance point

That’s all for now. In terms of gameplay, I’ll let the game play out for a few weeks before saying anything about shard income, xp gain, objectives’ values, etc

Disclaimer: food for thought


some good points, but i strongly disagree about gear. coming into the game, i was really an advocate for the gear. after playing some high level premade games, i have changed my mind entirely. gear need to be, at best, epic and normalized. having character specific legendary gear, and just legendary gear in general makes the game into something it isn’t. there are no current examples of a game that has such a system and has made it to esports. and i understand that there is an argument that would say that battleborn is its own game, etc., but they said that about destiny and it got nowhere. it had a league of legends sized playerbase, a ton of streamer promotion, and still never even got close to esports. the main issue was gear.

it is hard enough to balance 30 heroes, but then you start throwing in a crazy amount of variables with gear and it becomes literally impossible. my personal opinion is that competitive should remain rare and below, and normalized. i would be willing to settle for epic, but i do think it should remain rare.

First of all, thanks @freddyfasthands for chiming in and taking the time to read through my post. I definitely think normalized gear is the way to go. Since it’s a new game, I would even agree with keeping the gear low tier. However my only reservation would be what shards would be spent on. I assume that in a match, each team already has someone designated to set up buildables, so the rest wouldn’t need to worry about that so much. If that’s so, I feel that each player would have full items relatively early into the match and it might stall out (not the greatest for spectating). Having more reasons to go out and collect shards creates opportunities to gank an enemy who is away from his/her team. In terms of high level play, you have more credentials for sure, so I don’t know how much of what I’m saying is true. I’m not expecting any legendary gear for early competition, but I am hoping it will come to fruition eventually in some way that will benefit players and spectators alike.

thank you for such a respectful reply. i havent played much high level play, but i have definitely dabbled in some very high level premade v premade games. the issue is that some characters may have a legendary character-specific gear that is incredible, while another might have one that is meh. if people use rare and below gear, then you really only have to worry about buffs to certain stat categories, rather than special perks. i have this one legendary piece of gear that has a chance, once every 60 seconds i think, to give you 5 seconds of immortality when your health gets low. that is overpowered. and that isnt even class-specific. i can imagine the people that would get accused of cheating or lagging if that thing procs.

as far as running out of things to spend them on, it depends on the mode. in a game like incursion i can definitely see that happening. but on something like meltdown where you have to manage more than really one main lane, and actually split your team up, you can never have too many shards. that is why i prefer meltdown. so much more strategy in meltdown, as far as team composition and placement of heroes in lanes.