The game is amazing. The photo mode sucks

Today I tried taking some cool pictures using the photo mode, after going out of the game (2h of taking cool pictures, I found that ALL of the photos had the UI on it and the FPS counter at the top right, why does the photo mode not just take pictures ingame instead of basically just taking a screenshot and saving it? 2h wasted and plenty of cool pictures gone.

Please change it Gearbox, I love the game and this small detail is the only thing that currently bothers me about the game.

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You have to hide the UI by pressing H and then take the picture. It says so on the bottom of the photo mode page.

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It really should have a first person screenshot mode as well.

yes, but normally like in every other game with a photomode, you don’t need to hide it because it won’t be shown on the final image, same with the FPS counter, it should not get shown on there. It is absolutely stupid having to hide the ui and to disable the fps counter everytime i want to take a picture, I don’t think you played any other games with photomode before, because most of them automatically don’t show ANY ui on the final image if you take the image, there’s no need to hide the UI.

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oh i agree with you :smiley: