The game is so much smoother without the crap modifiers

No lasers, no post mortem, no lava, no death, no crap things that can kill you.
Only you and the enemies, that’s so much better.
If only we could choose all of our modifiers to only use easy ones, or even none.


So what are you saying, that you can actually see what you are shooting at :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Remove modifiers plz, once and for all.


Tried it out for a bit and the game is much more fun. Removing the unneeded visual effects make it more comfortable to play for me.


It’s definitely more enjoyable without all the visual nonsense inducing lag and all. Co-op is much better too.


Agreed… Much better without modifiers.


I’ve always said that I don’t mind having mayhem modes but provide things that don’t add so much visual clutter to a game that isnt the greatest running as is. Give us more badass spawns, enemies that fight smarter or together as a team, maybe specific enemies tied to the highest difficulty. I don’t speak for everyone and I know that, but I don’t need enemies leashed together and spawning pools of elements to have a tougher experience. I do appreciate the idea it’s just the fact so many modifiers are blah in my eyes.


It was a lot more fun without the horrible mix of visual modifiers or poorly rolled modifiers that nerf a person’s build when in a group.

I hope GBX realizes that allowing us to pick our modifiers is valid option.


I recently picked the game back up after two months of not playing. While I still have many issues with the game, I didn’t realize until now how much the mayhem modifiers influenced my decision to quit. This is the closest we will get to Mayhem 10 without modifiers (most of the easy ones are very non-intrusive), and it is actually fun!

The modifiers don’t make the game harder or easier, they just dictate the level of intrusion into the gameplay. Right now it is like playing the game as it should be. With the other modifiers, its like playing the game with someone shining a flashlight in your eyes while someone else constantly adjusts the brightness, contrast, and backlight of your screen.

Please Gearbox, either leave the easy ones as the only modifiers, or get rid of all of them.


You can turn them off.

And when you turn them off you get to play baby mode that has no challenge and no rewards this was intentional so you have no choice but to play with the crap modifiers.

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The solution is not to Remove the modifiers. But to give us the choice to pick and choose any combination we want.

Allowing us to play M10 with 0 modifiers or M0 with all the modifiers would be so much fun and I think it would fix a lot of problems with the current Mayhem system


You say they don’t make the game (Harder or any easier) but yet all the immunity modifiers basically ruin builds running only 1 element.
Except explosive because it’s not an element…

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i kid you not - last night i dreamt we had a modifier selector screen. It had 4 slots and you’d drag the ones you wanted into em.

Not dealing with laser or elemental modifiers increased my performance and stopped a lot of crashes. I’d play more if i could keep those modifiers out


I miss it already

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I’ve never found the Mayhem Modifiers to make the game really “harder,” only more annoying. This week has been lovely.


This is what a video game should be.
What is video game? Video Game is for fun.
We want to play the game to have fun.
But those annoying modifiers ruin the experience of many players. (not only me)

Gearbox, if you are reading this, I hope you know what the Community really wants.
You need to listen to the feedback of the Community.


You are still doing the same damage in at any given mayhem level regardless of the modifiers, and enemies the same. Modifiers introduce artificial difficulty that basically makes you play a challenge run, or makes it feel like the game is cheating. If you are dying or going into FFYL more often due to the modifiers than the enemies and environments in the game, then the game is not harder, the game is cheaper.

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Dang do you guys want some cheese with your whine??? All i’m hearing is 'Don’t make me work for better gear." I play on M10 and tried all the modifiers and some really suck but just reroll till you get what you like. I’m out… to many tears in here.

This having to re-roll nonsense has kept me from playing the game the last three weeks.
Just not enough incentive to deal with re-rolling.
GBX has effectively cured me from enjoying their game.
I will play one character through DLC4 (after levelling them up to 65 of course).
Unless there are major changes with how MH2.0 is handled, that will be it.
As one who has no problem spending money on games that remain entertaining, GBX will be losing out on any future BL related $$$ from me.