The game is stuck. I can not get progress. The hostile takeover mission door will not open

In the hostile takeover mission the door won’t open. I am stuck and others online have this issue, but no fix.

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Moved you to the spoilers section. Which mission is this? On which planet? (Sorry - still getting going in the game myself!)

Is anyone else having an issue to wear the mission hostile takeover will not allow you to open the door?

Yes, the only way to get through this is to find a friend and do the mission in there fireteam. That is how I got the door to open.

If you don’t have a friend & need a friend:let me know. A play with a group of people that take the game serious. You can check out our group @ tactical If you want more info hit me up. Give tactical gaming a google if interested to see what its all about.

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Also stuck and cant get past door

What I did to get past this bug (not sure if all steps necessary but it worked for me this way):

  • Fast Travel to mission location from Sanctuary.
  • Was stuck outside door. Fast Traveled to the nearest location that connects to that location. Found another stuck door preventing me from getting to the location with the first stuck door.
  • Fast Traveled back to mission location
  • Quit Game
  • Pressed Continue
  • Got loaded back into the mission area but not from behind the door. Was next to an friendly NPC and enemies started attacking and everything was back to normal. I did not have to beat the mission on someone else’s game like someone mentioned above. Hope this helps others. I believe what caused this bug for me was quitting the game in the middle of the mission.

Thank you fReinKo ! You are a life saver ! :smiley:

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