The game is successful?

Hi, I have one question for gearbox software. The game is successful? The Game satisfied sales management of Gearbox? The game has paid off? Cost we expect a continuation of the series and dlc fir homeworld remastered, including cataclysm remastered? Gearbox, please answer! Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Russia and I like homeworld series. :wink:

This is one of the questions they will not directly answer. They can’t. It’s a public relations thing.

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Though they will probably be more likely to crow about it should it turn out they’ve gone and blown the barn doors off in terms of sales.

Once all the numbers are tallied that is :slight_smile: ask again next year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess we just have to wait and see. Like if we all of a sudden see them announcing Homeworld 3 or more DLC for the two remastered games they have already done, we will then know that it sold enough to warrant them making it.

I can’t wait that long!

Meets or succeed would be good enough for myself, who really knows? I’m having my doubts, did you all read the reviews on steam. As i said long before HomeWorld should been mapped for the PS4. it would have created enough cash flow, that HomeWorld 3 would have been a must.

PS4? :neutral_face: What?


He must be thinking to link homeworld with planet side because that would make more since than an RTS on a console.

They need to fix the formations, AI and Tactics 1st in HW1:R before most of us will consider this a success >.> just saying :stuck_out_tongue:.


Cannot agree more. Just getting my ships in HW1R to obey my orders is an exercise in futility, let alone enter a formation. They are always wandering off or some lone ranger, or straight up ignoring what I tell them to do. How is this not completely game breaking? Yet I see review after review about how fabulous this game is. I don’t get it.

I totally wouldn’t rant about the current situation except that HW classic refuses to run on my system. Soo…I can’t stand Gearbox’s version of HW nor can I run classic even though I have multiple CD’s and Gearbox’s classic version…absolutely nothing works.

Rant all you like! There is plenty to rant about. I was just trying to help you understand one part that I didn’t understand at first regarding unit behavior and how that changed in HW2.

Game so far sold around 215K units,, without ever going on an official sale. Randy was ecstatic in one of his tweets for the game to just have sold 100K alone, safe to say the game sales are fine and are likely to grow with sales down the line.


Is the game a success? IMHO it is for a number of reasons I’m not going to get into. However I agree with the HW1:R community that HW1 did not translate well in the remastered again for reasons I’m not going to list, obviously a lot of unhappy HW1:R players.

My point is don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, I believe GB/BBS did the best they could with their time and resources and if they didn’t do it the HW franchise would still be languishing in obscurity unplayed by new gamers and veterans alike.

I’m not saying you kiss-GB’s ass and/or accept a flawed HW1:R, what I am saying is have some patience and keep things in perspective. You payed $35.00 and got HW2:R, classic HW1/HW2; and a flawed HW1:R. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad and not the end of the (home)world…

If I were a GB exec I would have BBS focus their resources on a new engine for HW3 and get that to market in the next 2 years.

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What I would do if I were a Gearbox Executive is continue focus on improving Remastered. It’s only been out for THREE months. The game should be out for at least a year before they think about another game in a franchise that has been sitting idle for 15 years. See how it does. Three months isn’t enough time.

Also, there are one or two 3D space strategy games coming out. Let them finish production and build interest/desire/demand for more 3D Space RTS games. Everyone will continue to look at Homeworld as the best in that genre. Because it is.

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I think they did a darn good job of remastering it. While they messed up the original HW1 mechanics they seem to be trying to fix that as much as they can (recent update to support frigate case in point). I think they should carry on fixing it to a satisfactory level or risk leaving a sour taste in the mouths of players who may or may not anymore be interested in a HW3 from GB. Also, if they decide to develop HW3, they will have a much (I hope) bigger team devoted to it.
But yeah, awesome job, patch it up, then start thinking about what would make HW3 great, not what would make money because the former will lead to the latter, but the latter will not always lead to the latter. If that makes sense.

So from what I’ve been able to gather, the next official HW title will be HW:Shipbreakers. This has been in development for a while and would have come out regardless of how well HWR did. I expect them to give a lot more information on it with the next big gaming event (E3 or Pax or something, not sure what the next one is). The uncertainty here is HW3 and at the earliest we’d hear anything about it would be after HW:Shipbreakers release. I’d go so far as to say development would only start in earnest on a potential HW3 close to or after shipbreakers launch.

I believe the commercial success HW:R has attained so far would at least justify GBX starting to get the groundwork in place for a HW3 soonish. Perhaps after the first HWR sale if not already. The early and end stages of a game development is usually pretty low on manpower required so doing the first bit of storyboarding, planning, etc. would probably already be underway if they are planning on starting/announcing HW3 after Shipbreakers release. If shipbreakers flops for some reason, not a lot of resources would be lost in canceling HW3 and just never announce it. ‘No news’ is no indication of if something is or is not happening.

One thing to note however is that it has been hinted at that HWR probably only has another 6-9months of support left and before the pitchforks and torches come out this does make a lot of sense on multiple fronts. If they want to announce shipbreakers soon, they will need the devs supporting HWR to transition over to either helping support shipbreakers or more likely start applying all the knowledge they picked up here on a HW3. Especially look at how much time they are putting into the modding. Having HW3 start out with an officially supported mod system and tools would be critical. Pragmatically, HWR does not bring in additional revenue form existing owners like 90% of modern games. There just isn’t the justification for continued support from a financial POV. We’re still getting more and better support than any of the previous HW titles so that is a very good sign. This is another reason for the focus on modding tools and support. If they can get the modding good enough then anything they are not able to give us in the next 9 months we can do ourselves while we wait for HW3.

End of the day we wouldn’t even be talking HW3 if HWR wasn’t a technological and commercial success. HWR might not be everything everyone wanted ever, but I do not think there is a better stepping stone to a true modern HW game. Not to mention that HW:R is without a shadow of a doubt the best, most ambition example of a remaster so far in gaming history bar none. However HW:R was never meant or designed to be the end goal (it’s unfortunate that a lot of vets think it is or want it to be) but it is the best way to get new players into and familiar with the HW universe without requiring a huge investment in time that modern online grind type games have. Enjoy HWR for what it is and be ready to take all that passion for HW into shipbreakers so that we can help shape HW3. That’s where the real battlefield is going to be for HW3, not here. But that’s just my opinion :wink:


Well thought out post, though there is much conjecture. However, I think the “end goal” a lot of vets were expecting was a more complete game, specifically related to HW1. Not too unreasonable to assume considering all that was promised, no?

Personally, I enjoyed HW2 more, so it’s all good! -Minus a lobby of course-

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Eh, all I’m going to say on the matter is that while you claim there is a lot of conjecture, in the same breath(paragraph) you base your own conclusions on assumptions based on a certain interpretation (in my opinion incorrect interpretation) of promises made by an inexperienced marketing team. At the very least GBX will have learned from that exercise as well. The only thing that is very clear looking at all the videos and interviews they released is that a lot of people at GBX was/is super excited about everything HW. That’s better than the alternative :stuck_out_tongue: