The game is very instable, with too much lag all the time at every action I do

No matter how low I set the specs of the game, the game just runs totally instable, with a lot of lag all the time. I changed everything to all low, changed the resolution to a shameful value, and even scaled down the resolution scale to 50%, and no matter what I do, the game suffers of constant lag.

I changed everything to the point that looking to the game let me disgusted because everything is super blurry, ugly, with no detail or beauty at all (looks even worse than BL2 on the lower settings), and still, nothing has changed on the performance.

And it’s not lag all the time, it’s lag when I move the character, when I jump, when I crouch, when I use the aim of some weapon, every little action causes the game to lag. I can have a 65 fps on a open environment when I’m looking at it or walking, but then I just simply jump or aim with some weapon, or I move the camera, and I get a very lag moment on the game. Enemy encounters are terrible. It lags all the time. Then it stops for some seconds, and then it happens again when any small thing happens…

I have no idea of why this is happening. No other game that I have suffers from this kind of instability on the fps. I’m just on a open environment with 65 fps and then anything that I do can cause it to go to 15, 25, 35… for some moment, but it just happens all the time…

Check out the following thread if you haven’t already.

I did something that helped me a lot: I dont know if this will also helps anyone, but I was having small quick frame drops all the time, but then I updated my Nvidia drivers and stopped my Antivirus (stupid free Avast), and now the frame drops are gone - or at least are not so present at the same level of before. I dont know which action I did that solved my problem (the update or the antivirus turned off), but now I can play happy, while I still wait for better Gearbox updates, the game is pretty soft now.

Now I’m able to play the game with the normal full resolution (this already makes the game not be ugly), and withot the lag-at-every-action thing.