The game just came out people

First of all Hello! Im new to the community.
I’ve spent the past 40 minutes or so looking through posts seeing so so so much hate but im not surprised. Most people react so negatively to things and i get it you’re frustrated with player behavior, cheap tactics ( Marquis players were looking at you lol), bugs etc. The thing is the game is new you cant expect everything to be completely great and fixed right out the door. Have patience for the developers to patch things. Dont spread hate about the game or talk negatively abiut it. I personally have more patience so im not being turned away from the game. I also have lots of love for gearbox and their games. One of the main reasons i got this game was because the made borderlands. You have to support the things you love and understand that they are going to fix things. One of the things that helps is playing with a group of people who actually communicate. If you dont have any pull people from lobbies heck im down to play with anyone who has it on xbox. I honestlly dont know how to end this post so im just going to say please dont crap talk a game that just came out and if anyone wants to play well just let me know.


I agree. The problem is the whiners are usually the loudest, while the people enjoying the game are enjoying the game and not posting on here. Thanks for your post. Feel free to add me on Xbox live Zen Master 61


Yeah i get you i myself paid for thr digital delux edition soley to support them not for the flashy skins. I have it on the xbox and personally i havnt run into much of these bugs or glitches. Maybe its just for PC players that got the short end of the stick but not once have i had to wait for hours for a match. You are right though you have the right to complain but theres a difference in giving feed back and criticizing and yelling. Like i said the game just came out theres bound to be bugs theres bound to be glitches. So far my only problem with the game is the marquis shooting the sentry and thats it. I cant deny that you make decent points though but it seens PC players are getting it the worst. I my self am enjoying my experience just those marquis man haha thats my only complaint.

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i personally need a reason to be positive. they have to give me something to look forward to. if they communicated more clearly exactly what they plan to do with galilea and i felt it was enough to solve the issue, i probably would instantly relax and just avoid her the best i could. but that has not happened. they have been very vague, and what has been specific doesn’t even really address the issue. i am still very angry at the hotifx that tickled her melee dmg. i have done some research into what can and cannot be done in a hotfix. disabling her mutations until they could be reworked can be done in a hotfix. also, drastically shortening the stun duration value can be done in a hotfix. that is how you solve the problem with galilea temporarily. not only did that not happen, but the information on what is to come hints toward a very insignificant adjustment that wont change anything

People tend to forget that forums in general while, being informative and a helpful resource at times is also a place for people to vent their frustrations with the game and give feedback whether it be positive or negative. Gotta see it from both sides and while some post are truly unnecessary negative feedback is ALWAYS necessary otherwise nothing would change. Developers see a lot of the issue but might not see everything and when people post the same thing over and over (which will never go away sadly) it just kinda goes to show how pressing it is at times. So yea you need to have patience and let them do their jobs, but people of the community also need to be patient with eachother and understand that people handle their frustrations differently and a forum a is good place for it.

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i made countless comments within the threads quite awhile ago about exactly what i believed would temporarily remedy the situation. i offered suggestions, i asked questions. they started off very well put together, polite and organized. but the longer they went ignored and unacknowledged, the more the contempt grew. it takes quite a bit for me to get to this point. i dont think i had much to say during the beta, where everything was supposedly at its worst, because the devs were very responsive and very quick to act, even if i didnt agree. now their level of interaction with suggestions and feedback resembles bungie’s level of engagement with their community, which is just official weekly update posts with no relevant information other than improvements they are making that the minority asks for

@freddyfasthands, and anyone else reading this: Gearbox devs do read the forum, and post here. They don’t choose to spend much of their time blogging, though. Some do. Jythri often pops into various threads. Hit the ‘dev tracker’ button up on the menu there.

They also tend to be quite cautious about dates and times of planned changes, as things don’t always go according to plan. They can’t, however, be expected to respond to every suggestion or request. Getting angry about that will do nothing to speed things up, or increase any chances of a response.

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Which gearbox do say, from time to time. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t also looking into other bugs.

I think that they try to avoid raising false hope. Statements like that will almost certainly provoke fury.

With respect, that’s not your decision to make. Gearbox don’t ‘ignore’ anyone, in my experience.

It’s the same with any online game. Rather then learning to overcome something it’s much easier to just expect it to be changed.

Add me on Xbox, I’ve had a hard time matching up with people that have mics


Very true with not only this game, but almost all multiplayer shooters. Gearbox have shown that they’re listening to the players and are taking action as we speak. Unfortunately these things take time.

Exactly i dont mind the wait. If they said they’re going to fix it then i believe them. Just most people want developers to take action right then and there.