The game keep crashing date at Mar/19/2020( Solved)

it pop up video…reset… pls update the newest version. mine is ATI card, the newest is Mar/5/2020. i installed it before, how can it have another newest version .

it happen in non stoping freezing, then the game will crash. OMG, pls fix it GBS

You can file a ticket for official support using this link:

One thing you might try doing is moving the files from the BL3 appdata folder and launching it - it may be some weird thing with cached data conflicting with the updated graphics driver. One way you could test that theory before moving the files is if you can roll the driver back to the previous version - I know some manufacturers you can do that, not sure about your particular case.

if it have auto crash report to official , that would be good. all game or their app, like origin, uplay etc. i can’ t retroback it, pls fix it GBS. how can it happen in next day, yesterday it work fine.

I have trigger a crash report if the game crashes vs. going to a back screen or locking up. Also I think in the settings I saw a option to log. Finally you can run a benchmark and it will save a verbose text file for you to review. The benchmark data hides out under:
C:\Users\[userID]\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\BenchmarkData

doing “Taking Flight” mission stage

all crash start from taking flight,there after, the game non-stop keep crashing

i find the solution is on DX12,now i switch it to DX11, all is working well, may i follow that turn off social notification alert( one offical called). whatever, turn it back to DX11, it work well