The game needs a visual tone-down

For me to be honest as a moba player the PvP is what drawn me to Battleborn and man the game is gorgeous, unique characters with awesome personalities, different game play for each character and plain fun.

But…As I said before PvP is what got me going with Battleborn and when it comes to competitive games you have to UNDERSTAND what is going on when you play. If I play a melee character even a ranged one, I can’t understand 80% of the encounters what is happening on the screen due to the rich visuals, colors,flickers, brightness, blinding visual effects you name it it’s there. For me personally it’s just to much happening on the screen at one time. It is just to confusing and frustrating seeing on the screen only flashes of colors and just attacking blindly, it is just to much.

We just have the option to disable the damage showing and the character flash. If you need more feedback I can post some screenshots of what I mean.

Do you think this problem will be addressed? Because when it comes to competitive play it is a problem.

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For how many hours have you played the game?

You’re basically asking them to reprogram the whole game. I don’t see that happening.

I’m not saying to reprogram the whole game but to give us some options in the menu to tone-down the visuals. It is a mess on the screen.

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It has nothing to do with the amount of hours played when you cant see anything on the screen…There is NO connection between the two.

If you have flashing turned on as a damage indicator, change the setting.

Occasionally, there are definitely circumstances where the screen gets very busy, but it isn’t a problem the vast majority of the time, IMO.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while and this seems a good thread to do it. I understand how BB’s visuals could affect PvP. That’s not my thing and I make no comment. However, I have heard similar comments about PvE. I have seen complaints about the size of the “weapon” model and the general flash-bang of play.

Personally, I have no problem. A good GBX comparison is with BL2. Try an explosive Krieg, wielding a launcher, with PhysX on High. If you can see what’s happening on the screen, you’re doing well but no one seems to object :grin:

the map is your friend when the effects go crazy.

the map is your friend when you think you are alone.

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Oh, but there is. You will need about 12-15 hours to familiarize yourself with the screen and the UI until you can properly filter the information you see on the screen. It’s just a matter of experience.

Too much color and stuff going on is the biggest complaint I see from people online. Even TotalBiscuit who loves this game had issues with it.

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I love all the color.

My only problems with the visual effects are :

  • When you’re melee you very often lose track of your target (but that’s probably because I s*ck) and you can’t see a lot of what’s happening around.
  • When enemies get hit there is a white effect on the character which makes it hard to differentiate anything. I know this is in PVE but I don’t remember for the PVP, but when an enemy is geting hit by 3 characters with a full auto weapon… it’s impossible to see the weakspot & shield properly
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This isn’t the first complaint about this. Toned down effects have been asked for since beta.

I like it the way it is.

It was visual overload for me the first few hours but now chaos has turned into harmony because I understand what’s going on . I honestly don’t think it’s bright colors that’s the problem , I would say that the fov is a little too close. So sometimes melee looks like a cluster fluck.


Apparently they are working on an FOV slider for consoles. Fingers crossed.


Yeah, it gets pretty bad when you knock up a character with Rath. I lose track of where the opponent lands like half the time :joy:

Excessive visuals are a big problem in this game.

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UVHM with a RtB and Bloodsplosion explosive Krieg! This game’s visuals are nothing after playing that lol

You get used to it after a while. And this is coming from someone who is autistic and gets sensory overload from various sources.