The game needs queue time improvements for it to survive

I’m a new player but the queue times on this game are ridiculous, let alone when you add the fact that there is a long character selection time, a loading screen, AND a quick wait before the game starts once everybody warps into it, not to mention Chaos Rumble just ends up being 24/7 incursion and getting defeated more often than not, in 30 minute games. I want to play the game but this is terrible. I often find myself just loading up Overwatch to pass the entire Battleborn queue time or giving up in most cases.

Somebody on reddit suggested that you can combine the queues into one big queue, or let us queue for multiple things at once, like Chaos Rumble AND Versus Draft AND Story Mode, that way we won’t be stuck in a guessing game like, maybe if I stop queuing for this one, they have players at another mode.


Queuing for PvE and PvP doesn’t make sense as some people prefer one and not the other. As far as combining queues, they tried that before and it didn’t really work as it was hard to get a game other than Incursion and the Incursion only people are quite set about not playing the other modes as much. They’ve done about as well as they can, although I think they need to wrap the Heliophage normal queues into the regular normal. The low player base means there’s going to be wait time, unfortunately.

I meant you could choose to queue for both if you don’t have a preference, instead of like now, when it warns you to leave your current matchmaking queue, you could be in both, and choose to enter the first one that becomes available, or queue in both to keep tabs on what is populated at the moment.

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That would add another queue, which is precisely what you are posting about avoiding :laughing: I agree it makes sense to look at all possible options to collapse queues in each of PvE and PvP, but there are too many players who want to play one or the other to justify putting them together.

Not putting them together, but check boxes you can pick that put you in the respective queues at the same time. Like in Paladins, you can queue for both Siege and Payload at the same time, or only one. No additional queues.

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Only that will take an entire overhaul of the matchmaking system and will take time and cost them a pretty penny as well. It’s something they said they’d look into after all of the Season Pass content has been released.

pretty sure they recognize these issues and will address them with bot battles

they were prolly hoping q times would grow with a, hopefully, massive return of players after the winter udpate but the matchmaker and q times still have issues

Sadly, Bots battles are about as entertaining as playing Private PvP solo. I can’t fathom why there is so much more interest in Incursion, when there’s only one map that isn’t utterly brainless (wait…strike my last), but they need to fix the wait-time issue on the other modes sooner rather than later. There’s only so many times I can play the DLC quests before I go buy OW just to have something to do…

The issue of Queue-times, Matchmaking and combined queues has been discussed in many many topics since launch, just search for “queue” or “Matchmaking” with the Forum´s searchfunction to continue the discussion there.

The recent Battleplan would be a good place as well, since GBX just made another change of the queues to improve the general experience.

(I apologize for not sending links to related topics as usual, but I just could´nt decide, there are to many…)