The games download size

Hey I’m planning on getting this game on xbox one, but I have one problem. I used to live somewhere else when I got the xbox and I had fast internet but now I moved and my internet here is bad. Really, really bad. 500 kb/s download speed max. My main question is: Whats the download size and how long will it take me to download it if I got it? btw sorry if this is the wrong section I’m new here

You are better off buying a retail copy instead of a digital download, since your Internet speed is slow. The Handsome Collection Bundle includes the Borderlands 2 download which is 23.38 GB and TPS download which is 13.82 GB. Total download size would be 37.20 GB.

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Thanks for the answer, I forgot to mention that I am getting the retail. So what’s the size of the retail one?

Retail version requires 30GB of the harddisk.
However, one thing I have to share, got the game myself yesterday, but there was a 9GB patch that needs to be downloaded to be able to use cross-saving and online capabilities (on PS4, not 100% sure if it is on Xbox One aswell).

What if I don’t want to play multiplayer, only single player and split screen?

Well, it states that it would just disable networking capabilities if you don’t update, so maybe that splitscreen still works. Can’t say for sure.