The Garden of Easy (Where's The Difficulty?)

Hello everyone!

The title sums it up by half; have any of you found that the Garden, and the subsequent Cathedral of Kadesh to be too… easy? I mean, when I arrived in the Garden the swarmers wiped out all of my fighters no problem. But they literally did nothing to my frigates/corvettes and I wiped the floor with them. Seriously, I always remember losing frigates all over the place and nevermind corvettes aside from Multi-guns. It’s funny, because there’s even Advanced Swarmers in the first level, too. Yet I honestly had no issue with these levels. The Cathedral itself was a breeze, to be honest. The multi-beam frigates seem to have been changed sadly, because they no longer rotate and fire for fifteen seconds then recharge for five. Now they just sit there and fire for like two seconds, and recharge for five or more.

I know Gearbox mentioned that they would still make fuel a thing for the Kadeshi, but I honestly didn’t notice anything related to fuel concerning their ships. The fuel pods would hyperspace in and just sit there, ignored by the swarmers. Granted, the swarmers didn’t need them anyway because they died so bloody fast after doing almost nothing to me. Another bit was that the Kadeshi motherships don’t seem to move. I have fervent memories of them going and destroying half my fleet at ramming speed, or all converging on my mothership and using their ion beams to blow me to smithereens. Yet they just sat there, and didn’t even move aside from when they had to hyperspace out.

It could be nitpicking, but these two levels are one of my favourite parts in the entire single-player experience, and it just doesn’t feel tuned properly. Which is funny, because I found mission 4 and 5 to be harder than before yet the dreaded nebula was easier than some bloody Turanics.