The gear you want , versus the gear you need

As I see more and more posts of people starting the game I wanted to post some thoughts for people new to the end game. Borderlands is and has always been about loot and optimizing builds. Shredding the game enemies as fast as you can. But with a game that has so much gear, I think sometimes we get too focused on certain items. So here are a few examples. Dont get me wrong , these are some of the most sought after and best gear in the game , but hear me out.

Redistributor , with %100 SNTL Cryo annointment

The combo of zanes shield amping the shots of the Redistributor may very well be the most powerful mechanic in the game when faced with large crowds. This behind said , the %100 cryo annointment makes it shred that much harder. But here’s the thing… you can easily breeze through the scaled down Maliwan TD solol on M4 wirh Zane , with a rad and a corrosive Distributor , unannionted. Dunno about true TD , never did that with anything not annointed.

AND you can use the exposing clone trick , to proc any ASE elements you may have on your weapon, shield or grenade. A higher damage output for a shorter time as SNTL is up most of the time. Elemental ASEs are just way easier to find.

Recurring Maddening Tracker grenade

This is very rare. I dont “farm” vending machines, but I stop and look at everyone I go by. It’s been weeks and I’ve seen only 2 , only 1 of those was annointed and it wasnt annointed with the coveted %25 ASE.

But here is what makes it so great … it splits … then the two grenades mirv into 3 grenades , and they all home in on a target. Then Each of those then can create more explosions after they hit. For a character like Moze she can use this to heal , one grenade throw (at 5 in Vampyr) will heal for over %100. Its amazing.

But here’s the thing, what’s easy to find in vending machines are homing grenades that spit , mirv and are homing. That’s 6 grenade hits a throw, which is %120 health gain. It doesnt have that last bit, but more than capable of keeping you alive until you can find a recurring Maddening version.

It’s not about damage at all… while the damage synchronized with Moze is great. there are non homing grenades that outperform it damage wise. Do this , grab your best build/weapon , go to the jack dummy at Sanctuary and fire away at it for 6 seconds. Then take %20 of that, and thats0 the damage the %20 debuff the Its Piss grenade gets you.

The Wedding Invitation … this is an awesome weapon … however now there are at best only lvl 53 versions of it. Here’s the thing though… it’s high damage is great , the fact that it’s a Jakobs and has a fire element makes it even better. BUT the core mechanics that makes it so great are available to most ?!? If not all Jakobs snipers. Using critical hit ricochet, and the Guardian rank perk Overkill, you can use any high powered Jakobs , Sniper or Pistol and get the same effect.

The Recursion

In the word of Samuel L Jackson "When you absolutely, positively have to kill every m&^#*# f*@;÷;*# in the room … accept no substitutes. "

Nothing can clear a room like a Recursion … but here’s the thing… the ricochet effect has a distance requirement. When there is only one mob in range … you may as well be holding a piece of celery … my point is there are many great guns that have ricochet effect. Like Rowans and Lucians Call and The Brainstormer. Sometimes, they are even a more reliable choice.

Anyways , like I said , this is some of the best gear in the game … but dont feel like if you dont have it , you cant perform at some of the highest levels of the game.