The Geary Gear Quest

A couple of questions about this quest:
1- when you pick up this quest from the fireplace in Claptrap’s place, can you complete it if you die?
2- can you complete it if you kill Geary before getting to the end of the trail?
3- and once you get to the end of the trail, what exactly do you do with the ECHO you picked up?

I’m pretty sure you can’t die, and if you kill him, the quest will fail - just let him smack you and then let him leap into the lava (no vehicles or fast travel, obviously).

Is this your first time doing this mission? It’s one of my favorites.

Yep, first time. Unfortunately I killed Geary so looks like it’s time for a redo! :smile:

Wait, what mission is this?

i’ve played through the game multiple times with multiple characters, (like most of us here). I’m drawing a blank on this mission. Halp.

I know who Geary is, the guy up the volcano run in eridium blight,right .??.
I also know where claptrap fireplace is.

IIRC this quest only shows up after you complete UVHM at least once. There’s an ECHO in Claptrap’s fireplace that says a long walk to Eridium Blight will reveal Geary’s Gear. You have to walk there following this route- Claptrap’s Place, Frostbite Crevasse, Southern Shelf, Three Horns Divide, Three Horns Valley, The Dust, Eridium Blight. No fast travel or vehicle use allowed…

Thanks for the reply…gonna go look for it now. :grinning: I’ve completed uvhm many times with a few different characters.

[quote=“Carlton_Slayer, post:5, topic:1540474”]You have to walk there following this route-[/quote]That’s the shortest route (I think?), but you can hit other maps without issue… I like to loop in the Fridge and the Highlands to mix it up. I hear rumors about a fifteen minute timer, but haven’t seen that myself.

There’s also a fourth chest the next level up, which makes this a pretty rich run.

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I’m assuming you can use Claptrap’s boat to get from Southern Shelf to Three Horns?
Can you at least sprint, or do you really have to do the whole thing at a complete walk?

You can sprint.

But you cannot;
1: die,
2: fast travel
3: use any vehicle

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Or kill Geary- whoops

Nearly forgot this, but yes. For the chests to spawn he needs to hit you aswel. So try not to use a nova/spike shield.

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Actually you only need to beat TVHM (maybe reaching Eridium Blight is enough, I don’t know for sure) and it shows up there and in UVHM, just not in Normal. For some reason it actually shows up in UVHM even without access to Eridium Blight, or even without having beating UVHM once, bizarrely enough. Checked this on my 61 Krieg who never beat UVHM, the current story mission for him being Bright Lights, Flying City. It’s not there immediately after a reset though as I just checked, curious about the exact trigger for this now.

The others have already answered most of the questions here so I need not say much more. Naturally, Breakneck Banshee Maya is the easiest and quickest for this. Salvador with the Sham and two Badabooms would be an option too.

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Ok - show of hands: how many people had never done this run?

[quote=“PoeticNova, post:11, topic:1540474”]So try not to use a nova/spike shield.[/quote]I have done this and had it kill him (I think it was an overpowered Hide of Terra… didn’t think about it, and the next thing I know, he’s dead). :laughing:

[quote=“BlackHeartV, post:12, topic:1540474”]curious about the exact trigger for this now.[/quote]Interesting… I’ll have to see if I can’t figure this out on my next reset.

I’ve attempted it twice- once on the 360 and once with THC…

I’ve done this several times but only when I join a public game. I always forget it exists until someone brings it up.

I did it once, to tick off a mental checklist. Haven’t done it again - walkin’s for suckers!! Also the quest’s vibe reminded me strongly of the long, poem-riddled accounts of walking in Lord of the Rings, which put me into a state of page-skipping listlessness. :books: :sleeping: :smirk:

Also though you can’t die, you can go into ffyl.

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If anything, thanks to this thread I want to do the Geary quest a few times. Will happen when I take a break from the new Carmageddon.

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I’ve never done it, but I’ve been planning on doing it for a while now, since I’ve been trying to do the last few things I never did in the game. This thread has inspired me to finally get off my ass and get it done. I’ll probably do it for the first time this week, as soon as I get the time to play.

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Yeah, I should probably do this too…[quote=“hattieinduni, post:16, topic:1540474”]
Also the quest’s vibe reminded me strongly of the long, poem-riddled accounts of walking in Lord of the Rings, which put me into a state of page-skipping listlessness

Not surprised, since that is the reference. For me, the bit I tend to skip over in the book is the whole Frodo/Sam/Gollum swamps and canyons bit. Waaaaaaaaay to long. Tolkein really needed an editor!

Done it twice I think. Maya is definitely the best way to go. You don’t get anything special for it. Much easier to run up and kill him for the heads or skins, whichever it is.