The generally agreed upon fastest way to take down Raid Bosses by the community?

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Hey guys so I have been going through Axton again and I eventually want to start up games with the other characters and bring them all to 72 if I can.

My only question is I want to relax and try different builds with all the characters. Naturally this requires some gear from raid bosses.

Would the Sal pimpernel glitch still be the best and fastest way to farm these raid bosses effectively and is there something even easier? I don’t mind using glitches because I am more about mobbing and just experiencing the game. At least Pyro Pete you can basically pretty much kill on everyone with Sandhawk and Bee but im talking for general purpose quick killing is Sal with Pimpernel the way to go?

Thanks guys.

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There are plenty of speed kills with various characters in the Time Trials but they take work to set up and often very specific gear - so DuurPimping is the simplest, most reliable way if you’re just after the gear (Interfacer, Blockade, Omen,etc.). If you spec NKLO it’s even faster.

It’s pretty dull but it does the job.

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Thanks for the great answer Jefe :slight_smile: I am mainly doing it so I can relax and try all the quirky guilds for the different people so thanks for putting my mind at ease.

Just one last thing… what are all the possible rocket launchers that are more than fine to use if I dont have an Ahab? I have heard people mention the Nukem its just not as good.

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I see paulo is about to answer and I’m pretty sure I know what he’ll post so other than the Duurp which he will recommend, the Creamer is a great one - high card damage plus healing (which is handy against Vorac).

Hmm…maybe not. Anyways, a purple Duurp with Torgue grip, mag size accessory (Deep) and a Torgue or (preferably) Bandit exhaust will result in a condensed Pimpernel flower and therefore will out DPS an Ahab.

Any Torgue RL will work however - just avoid Maliwan parts as they increase rocket speed which has a negative effect on the Pimp.

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Thanks a bunch and that is crazy I never knew that about standard torgue launcher doing better than an Ahab. That is awesome to know.

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So you can see what I’m talking about :

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Pimperhab / Durrphab takes down most bosses very quickly, but in some cases there are builds that are more efficient. Vora for example usually forces you to switch to a Creamer which means lower DPS, so I prefer money shotting the Infinity to farm him. It’s the fastest method I’ve seen, if you know what you’re doing you can regularly kill him in about 20-25 seconds. As for Hyperius, he is an utter joke. Get an NKLO bonus from one of the loaders to start off and transfer the free shot from a Vladof launcher over to a Fibber money shot and you can literally stand at the gate and easily kill him a couple times in 1 gunzerk.

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I was, but was interrupted. And you do, and I can see you did. :wink: PimperDurping is my sole Avenue to seraph gear. My Pimp and Durp are both OP7 and still stomp the everloving poop out of anything I stand in front of even at OP8. It is certainly not the most honorable method, but it absolutely works. At the risk of repeating myself…

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I remember there being a post that went through all the different combinations for pimp abuse on Sal, complete with numbers for each main launcher, but I can’t find it right now. @DeputyChuck - do you remember that?

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I don’t remember the specifics but the gist of it is as big a mag as you can get from a launcher with high single rocket damage ( so no bandit… But the Norfleet is still good since each rocket is just as powerful).
True neutral monk com helps and an explosive relic too.

Pimp is better in slag with a maliwan grip.
Avoid Maliwan parts on the launcher as they will speed up the bomblets and spread them too wide.

Great picks are the Duuurp, Creamer, Nukem, Norfleet and Ahab.

As for other abuses, you can transfer rocket damage with the pimp, the Flanker and the Sawbar.

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Sort of found it:

And click on the “Offhand Pimpernel Glitch” internal link. I think I may have checked out the Borderlands WIki entries to look for max launcher mag sizes, but I know that’s also been gone over here a few times.

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Sorry, the main reason my updated (and heavily condensed) build guide doesn’t bother comparing the damage outputs of non-duuurp launchers is that based on my experiences, the smaller spread amounted to more consistent times (esp. Pete and Hyperius) depending on what the target is doing. There were basically two scenarios where you can make the case for other launchers: Creamer against Vora facehumper, and Fire Norfleet against Terra (he’s big enough). In the second case, I really don’t think the difference was meaningful enough to bother with farming a perfect 'fleet just to slightly outpace the Duuurp. For Vora, I would strongly recommend the Creamer (it’s in the build, I might not specifically mention Vora though). Or another tactic entirely, I admit I didn’t try the Infinity Money Shot glitch on him, so I’ll defer to others as to whether it’s indeed faster or more consistent.

The meaty numbers and stuff probably got lost in the old forums somewhere. We discussed most of it in another thread, as I was not the one to make the discovery, just helped with the theory. I feel very bad about it, but I cannot remember the original poster that brought us this tactic. Maybe one of the other old folks recalls. I do think I referenced the thread in my build on the old forums, but using the wayback machine is beyond the scope of my abilities.

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Thanks for dropping by! I think you’re probably right - slight differences aren’t going to help that much. I might poke around the wayback machine for nostalgia purposes. Then again, I might not!

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This is basically all I do.

@AxtonRaider If you’re curious of the build/setup/loadout just PM me. I’m happy to help you out with this. All I do is farm in this game. and I use Sal for this specific purpose. As @Jefe mentioned, the TimeTrials will help show you who can kill the quickest, but quickest isn’t always simple or “easiest”. I think Sal fits the “easiest” when RAID’ing.

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Man I feel like riding the DuurPimp cheese train. :smiley: I haven’t given that setup a proper spin yet really. I’ve messed around a little with using a Nukem though, which was fun especially one time when I was playing co-op with some friends and we were farming the loot train. I switched to a Pimp-Nukem setup for a couple rounds mainly to hear their reactions and I was not disappointed. :smiley: “What the hell did you hit him with!?!”

When I get settled into the new place and actually have some time to play I may start keeping an eye on the Torgue vendors for a nice duurp…

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Hey buddy. Yeah, you. Come over here. I’ve got something you gotta try. Everyone else is doing it…:smirk:

All aboard the PimperDurp express!! :bullettrain_front:

I also enjoyed dual wielding a Flakker and a Nuke 'Em, but the PimperDurp feels way more efficient and way less iffy.

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:astonished: :dukecheese: