The General's mods to Vanilla maps/uniforms

Hey Guys, I’m General Coolman, and I’m really glad to have found the modding community for Brothers in Arms after around two years of on and off work in the SDK. I really would like to thank Rendroc and Warrior250. Because of their work, I’ve been able to use the SDK on Windows 8.1 and continue my work on the game. I’m currently unable to make awesome changes like they are, but what my work consists of is small little details in game.

What this means is that I’ve made many small edits to most of the maps as well as soldier skins. For example, in Bloody Gulch for Earned in Blood, Hartsock now commands 3 fireteams instead of Two. The third fireteam is none other than Baker’s Assault Team (Consisting of Corrion, Courtland, and McCreary) two of which who were suspiciously absent from Hill 30 in EiB. I’ve also added Zanovich into the Fireteam, as well as a cameo of sorts for Paige and McConnel, completing a full combination of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Squad, all in one level of EiB. In the level “Baupte”, Hartsock’s fire team (Campbell, Marsh, and Paige) have been added in as a third squad, so Red controls all of Second Squad plus a tank.

Before - Only 2 fireteams and After - 3 fireteams

Not only that, everyone of the characters introduced in EiB now have their own paratrooper uniform, with a few changes to current ones. I used some renders to match each uniform to it’s canon. For example, Paige’s uniform has a pistol holster and Thompson clips, and in every one of his appearance he wears that. Interestingly, after Hill 30, Everytime you see Baker, He will be wearing his default Baker uniform as well as have his death pistol in his holster to signify his retrieval of it. In accordance with a Hell’s Highway cutscene, from Baupte beyond, Hartsock wears a different paratrooper uniform, akin to Baker’s with a pistol holster. For example…

In my modified version of Eviction Notice, Baker now wears his correct uniform and has his full squad with him.

Changes to levels include minor details. For example, you see George Risner using the Death Pistol rather than a normal .45. You’ll continue to see the pistol a few more times throughout the games. Along with that, most soldiers will use their canon weapons (Desola will always have the Thompson, Paddock his Grease gun, Baker will always appear with the M1 Garand). That’s all the changes I can think of at the moment, I look forward to working with you all on making Brothers in Arms a better game.


That sounds interesting…can’t wait to try out your mod! :wink:
Will it be only for EiB or there will be a version for RTH30 too?

P.S.: It seems you’re using one of my first version of MRW…I suggest you to use the latest versions for maximum realism…Oh, and don’t forget the little “NPC thompson” patch!

I’ve been working on Road to Hill 30 as well. Significant changes include no more PFC stripes for Privates like Allen and Garnett (that creates more realism hopefully) Also I’ve given Baker his uniform in every mission as the original devs left him on the default uniform for some missions. As with EiB, there are some squad weapon changes.

There are a lot more aesthetic changes I want to change. For example I want to add a NCO stripe to Hartsock’s helmet after Carentan, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do so and I think It involves meshing.

In the meantime, time to update my MRW skin pack to the latest one! Thanks for the heads up!

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Your mods looks so good! would you ever consider making them available for others to try out?

If so, I’d love to implement them into my BIA.

Brothers in Arms fan
@GeneralCoolman any plans on releasing the general’s mods to vanilla maps/uniforms so we can download it please.