The Gift Shop Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving


I honestly continue to be super impressed with the Gift Shop.

I am doing a “Brick to 69” Playthrough and I thought I would unlock the Gift Shop as early as possible in PT1.

Ended up being level 22 when I unlocked access to farming it.

I probably could’ve done it a couple levels lower, but it doesn’t matter as at level 22 the Gift Shop was giving me gear of level 16-17 on average (ummm also while I am getting into this, I have noticed something weird…has anyone noticed how as you gain in levels, gear you equip will lower its level? For example, level 22 gear will become level 17 when you equip it, level 68 gear will become low 60s, etc? Why does this happen?)…no Legendaries, crappy Class Mods, no Eridian weapons, greens and whites mixed into chests, chests opening with only one gun inside, etc.

But then I hit 23.

I had a side mission at Tartarus Station I had forgotten to turn in (alas, poor Clucktrap, we hardly knew ye…), so I decided to hit the Gift Shop while I was there.

It had upgraded itself in my absence!

Oranges everywhere now!

5 bonus class mods!

Big shields!

Shiny Eridian weapons everywhere!

Gear from chests is now 19-25 and I am level 23.

This is awesome!

I have a feeling you can just keep going back to the Gift Shop every 5-10 levels and upgrading your Armory!

To be fair, this essentially removes challenge from the game, at least in Playthrough 1 or 2.

Also, no Pearlescents from Gift Shop ever.

Still, if you ever want good early game gear, take a couple hours and unlock Gift Shop access!

(Rumplebunny) #2

Yep, it’s a verrrrrry nice quick and easy farming location. :smiley: Obviously less of a chore to get to than the farmory (unless you’re after pearls.) I’ve gotten a few nice upgrades for a couple of my 69 characters there so far. (And as a side note, the new Gearbox legendaries won’t spawn in there. Now, they are nice guns and all, but… yeah, that’s a whole other topic. :wink: )

The reason the level of the gun decreases when you equip it is just a bug. Originally, weapons proficiencies in the game were going to allow you to equip a weapon a higher level than yourself (for example you could equip a level 36 SMG when you’re level 32 with enough proficiency) but this was removed from the game before release, but some of the code for it is still floating around, causing that bug. And it’s just a visual display bug; thankfully the real level of the weapon isn’t actually going down.

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Thank you!

I think the Gearbox Legendaries DO spawn in the Gift Shop chests, they are just significantly rarer than the regular Legendaries?

Is the Mug Shot a Gearbox Legendary?

If it is, I’ve definitely found one in the Gift Shop.

(Rumplebunny) #4

It is, and huh, interesting! I’ve done a billion gift shop runs and haven’t seen one there yet. Well shoot, there goes my theory that those guns kind of live outside the normal world drop pool. So far, it has seemed like if you wanted one of those guns, you had to get one from specific, developer-assigned sources: the golden chests, Crawmerax (who drops them like candy), the middle red chest at the Vault, and Skagzilla. (Or by creating a fresh character.)

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I COULD be mistaken!

I’ll keep my eye out on future Gift Shop runs!

The 6 new Gearbox Legendaries are the Violence, Mug Shot, Silent Night, Hive Mind…uh what are the other two? A pistol, Bad Touch or something? Maybe I’ve never seen the 6th one?

(Rumplebunny) #6

Sucker Punch and Baha’s Bigger Blaster.

I actually really like the Violence, but it’s bugged with Mordy’s Gunslinger COM, at least the versions of it with ammo regen (the ammo regen doesn’t work.)

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The Violence is awesome from what little I’ve used of it.

Is TK’s Bigger Blaster a shotgun?

(Rumplebunny) #8

Yep, it’s a shotty, a pretty nice one to be honest.

Really my only beefs with the new guns are the fact that they are all fixed parts, meaning you’re never going to get ones with different scopes, better stocks, etc. And too many drop from Craw at once IMO. :slight_smile: And that they’re bugged with certain COMs. The Craw and COM things I think are issues than can be more or less fixed up in a patch. The fixed parts thing might be a bit more complicated than they’re willing to take on at this point, and it’s not really a bug with them to be honest since the guns were designed that way from the start.

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Yeah on the one and only Craw kill I’ve done so far on PS4, I got a Sucker Punch, a Violence, a Hive Mind, and a Silent Night.

That’s actually a big letdown about the fixed parts.

Hey, while we’re talking gun parts…can a Hellfire ever spawn with a damage x 2 barrel?

(Rumplebunny) #10

The double accessory? Unfortunately not; a Hellfire is a Hellfire because of its unique accessory, which (obviously) takes up the accessory slot.

(Fun side note: apparently, weapons in BL3 can have multiple accessories which is gonna open some fun things up!)

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Never took the time to learn much about gun parts, seemed overwhelming.

What IS the unique accessory for the Hellfire?

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #12

Just did this tonight with a new Brick starting Tartarus Station at level 13! Dinged 19 after dealing with MINAC and my reward was mixed. Some on level gear and a bunch of level 5 weapons - odd and my least favourite thing about BL1.

Only managed it due to a lucky drop from the Badass Hyperion dude in the Scrapyard - he was downing me super quick so I had to chip away at him from cover which took friggen ages! The reward? A level 14 masher :smiley:

More tomorrow as it’s past 1am here already!

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Once you hit 23, check the Gift Shop again and prepare to drown in a sea of Orange!

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(Rumplebunny) #14

Check out this thread, all kinds of BL gun science to take in. :smiley:

I still don’t have my head 100% around it like a lot of the veterans here so I keep this post handy for my own reference. :smiley:

But skip down to Accessories and you’ll see all the various accessories a gun can spawn with. In the case of the Hellfire it’s an SMG accessory that’s pretty much a special version of acc5_Incendiary called acc5_Maliwan_HellFire.

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I just unlocked the gift shop today as well, currently level 55 on my PT 2.5.

Love it!!! That about sums it up for me, LoL.

I had 3 legendaries in one chest! I took a screen shot so I’ll have to post it soon.

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I’ve seen that many times in the Gift Shop, love it.

(Jack T. Chance) #17

Been so many years, I don’t even remember what the Gift Shop is, or where it is. Care to fill an old Vault Hunter that suffers from CRS* in on this?

*Can’t Remember :poop:

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #18

AFter defeating MINAC in the Robolution DLC, you hand in to Mr. Blake at Tartarus station and he gives you a key to the Hyperion Gift Shop (the adjacent building to the left as you face Blake.)

When you first go in, it doesn’t look very promising, but there’s a secret button behind the counter which I totally did NOT completely miss the first time I did that DLC nope no way did I not see it and not go down into the basement full of chests… :blembarrass:


Oh, man.



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(Gammelgaard) #20

I know people around here respect you for various reasons, myself included, but… Admitting THIS should be one of the main reasons :rofl:

On topic, the Gift Shop is amazing. Went from decent underleveled gear and money at 20%, to amazing at-level gear and max money