The glitching on tps. x box one

So I’m playing true vault hunter mode with wilhelm on tps. Jack loads me on to the container to shoot me to serenitys waste. I get there and guess what? The game freezes!!! I can move but my echo device doesn’t show up. My weapons won’t load. And the container doesn’t open!!! I’m just stuck there and I can’t move on!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m getting really tired of the tears and the glitching that this game has!!! I want my money back!!!

I hear ya man. i’ve barely played TPS since Handsome Collection was released cos of all the bugs and tears!

Just waiting on this patch…

I hear this a lot on wilhelm. Makes me want to hold off on that toon.

Yeah bro. The question is when are they going to fix this problem? I don’t wanna beat the whole game and then get bored, then all of sudden…the software patch comes out, for nothing.

@x440to220x I’m about to abandon the campaign and play with clap trap…see how that turns out…

It’s a lot of fun, That’s who I started out with. I also ran through it with Athena to, she is much more versatile, but no where near as fun.

Right on @x440to220x