The "Go right through you" Build

Here’s what skills you will be picking.

Level one: Impact Trigger.
For the most part you want to grab this every time as the other power you can pick is pretty useless as your cloak should be used to try to run away then to sneak attack and try to kill people.

Level two: Fragcendiary grenade.
While not as good as it once was. Fragcendiary is still better then your other opinion as you have area denial. While it’s a smaller radius with a skill we will be picking later it will help it out a little more.

Level Three: Up to you.
I mainly pick Red dot sight for Oscar and scope for Whiskey.

Level four: Back in a jif.
While your thinking. “Why not go with movement speed?” Later in the build you will see later. But for now this is helpful to be able to escape more easily as your shield will take the damage for you.

Level five: Hollow point rounds.
This is the part were the build starts to shine as your gear will help you out along with this power. But we will get to that later.

Level six: Stealthy shields.
This one again will help you out to be able to escape more easily.

Level seven: Disruption Rounds.
This, Hollow point rounds, And your gear this is where the build takes it’s final form. This will allow you to bypass all shields and allow you to kill your target with out taking down the shield first.

Level eight: Embiggened Boom.
This is to help out with Fragcendiary Grenade’s poor radius.

Level nine and ten: Ghost mode and danger close.
Now if you don’t have these yet, and you want both of these. Use Operation Sneaky Ghost for level 9 and for ten use Holy Crap, Concussive Strike!

Now for your gear.

You want shield penetration. With what ever side effect you want.

Shield delay with what ever side effect you want.

and lastly Shield Regen with what ever side effect you want.

With these and you skills you again will be able to bypass all shields and make playing oscar mike easier to play due to his low damage…And that’s really it.

Before I go i shouldn’t say I made this build my self. A youtuber group called iBluairJgr. Please watch them as they make guides to help you out with other games!

Thank you for reading and tell me down below what you think of this build?

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I’m no OM expert so I wont argue against the skills I disagree with, but I think this guide really lacks depth. Very little explanations, no examples of when/how/why this build works, no playstyle tips on how best to utilise this build or the character in question. I’d like to see more from a build guide, I look for strategy tips and want to be convinced to use the build and the character, I’m not convinced that this is any better than what I currently run when I play OM or that I should even play OM.


Guess this assumes you are using Mike for PvP.
He’s actually used a lot in Advanced Story and dlc OPs.
With both of those he needs team support skills, which makes it nice to have him around.
You don’t want Red Dot, his Scope with Piercing rounds is deadly.
On level 10, Space Laser! That thing is awesome when used on-the-spot.

Even 100% shield penetration, the stat is a detriment to you and your team because it prevents critical hits and keeps up passives like S&A’s damage reduction (and you can’t kill someone in the first 15 bullets, so you’ll end up taking out their shield anyways). The only use sufficiently high shield penetration has is for taking out Ronin in story mode.

If you’re looking for a meme build for Oscar Mike, consider this with the following gear instead.

  • Sketchy High-Tailing “Boilermakers”
  • Sketchy Gambler’s “White Lightning”
  • Tactical Accelerator

This is the quintessential Assassian Mike build. It has all the memes: super speed, mobile air strike from nowhere, and hard-hitting grenades to finish you off.


Never take the damage helix? No regen/health gear?

It’s a meme build. None of those pieces have speed on them.

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Is it more effective than going for flat out damage? I happen to love playing as OM but can’t seem to find my niche with him. Should I choose gear for +max health w/ health regen or go for a full on burst damage?

Your niche with Oscar Mike should be picking Whiskey Foxtrot instead. He has more damage, more utility, and more survivability. The build I posted is more effective if you are looking to meme.