The Godfinger is kind of okay

Another idea that Ive been wanting to work for some time that has been kinda impractical has been the Godfinger sniper rifle. At a “regular” range, this weapon is a disgrace to its name, but if you create enough space between you and the enemy, it’s almost overpowered, killing most enemies in one shot. Due to the strange rules of this game, the Godfingers damage is actually based off of the bullet’s time in the air, not the distance the bullet travels. This means that any instance of reducing your bullets travel time will actually hinder the gun. So heres what to do:
-build a sniper build w/o points in Velocity (if you want extra style points, put points into Kill Confirmed)
-use the bee (you’ll be too far to get hit anyway, so what’s the point of a normal shield)
-create the most distance possible between the barrel of your gun and the enemy’s head

Heres a video of me using this combination: